In addition to Guizhou, the world’s largest radio telescope, you also need to understand the science and technology Sohu – according to Xinhua news agency, the world’s largest single aperture radio telescope, the highest sensitivity of China’s independent research and development (FAST) built in September 25th completed and put into use. It is understood that this is located in the mountains of Guizhou, Qiannan radio telescope by 4450 triangular panel assembled from the aperture of 500 meters, the total surface of the reception of the product has a football field so big. Can receive 13 billion 700 million light years of electromagnetic signals, the error is not more than 1 mm. Is the world’s largest single aperture radio telescope. As a special device for detecting electromagnetic waves emitted from the earth, the radio telescope has been playing an important role in the research and development of outer space and astronomy. Therefore, in addition to China, other countries and regions in the world have also built a variety of radio telescope or radio telescope array. Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng network" public concern) here for everyone to make a inventory, look at what the famous foreign radio telescope. The Arecibo radio telescope before China FAST built Arecibo radio telescope in the world’s largest single aperture radio telescope is located in Puerto Rico Arecibo observatory. The initial construction of the telescope diameter of 305 meters, after the expansion of a total of 350 meters, by the Denver international research center, the National Science Foundation and the joint management of Cornell University. Arecibo was built and put into use in 1974, to celebrate the construction is completed, the staff with Arecibo to 25000 light-years from earth to send a bunch of globular cluster M13 electromagnetic signal, after being called Arecibo information. This information includes the 10 decimal numbers, DNA structure, human form and the composition of the solar system. The German Effelsberg radio telescope in the United States before the completion of Arecibo, Bonn Effelsberg radio telescope in August 1972 formally completed and put into use at that time is the world’s largest rotating parabolic radio telescope. Effelsberg reached 100 meters in diameter, belonging to the Maxwell · Planck Institute of radio astronomy, radio wave radiation can be observed 90 cm, 3.5 mm. The United States Green Bank radio telescope in the American state of Virginia (Green Bank) Green green bank radio telescope in the town of Bank in 2002 and put into use, belonging to the national radio astronomy observatory. It is reported that the Green Bank telescope diameter of 100 meters, the reflection area reached more than 9 thousand square meters, the size of the football field is equivalent to a standard, while the precision can distinguish the electromagnetic signal millionths of a watt, a ground release energy to a snowflake. It is worth mentioning that, due to the mirror相关的主题文章: