In the cool weather, do a bowl of hot soup and mushroom pastry – Sohu every time I go to Pizza Hut soup with a spoon will burst with a strong pastry sweet soup with fresh, every bite is the taste of happiness sweet flavor, not greasy video we drink fully prepare the food 1 a potato 4 flower mushroom 800ml 80ml boiling water 20 grams of milk butter a piece of pastry some black pepper egg steps 1 will wash the potatoes peeled, sliced mushrooms, sliced. 2 put a piece of butter in the pan, add potatoes and mushrooms, stir fry until golden brown. 3 then pour in the water and milk, a small fire boil, stirring all the time (so as not to burn). 4 then the mushroom potato soup into the cooking machine (pay attention to whether the heat), even broken. 5 soup into the cup, sprinkle with black pepper; the cup edge is coated on the egg, put pastry slice. 200 bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, complete with 6 minutes. In fact, looking very complicated, it is particularly simple Oh soup a little thick, covered with pastry, put it into the oven is finished in the cool weather in a bowl of hot soup at home can also be about the delicacy, petty workshop video noise coffee EBCbuzz.相关的主题文章: