The history of the strongest PS4 Pro on sale today, more than 40 games can experience higher quality – Sohu technology in September this year, Apple also updated during the conference, SONY’s PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro launched two new host. Among them, PS4 Slim flagship frivolous, and PS4 Pro is the main performance. PS4 Pro specific configuration is as follows: SONY official said, compared to PS4, PS4 Pro CPU performance improvement of 30%, GPU performance increased by 228%, memory performance increased by. The overall function of the promotion, this also ensures that the PS4 Pro 4K can provide high resolution picture, HDR imaging technology, and the number of higher and more stable. But not all of the PS4 games can get better gaming experience through PS4 Pro more powerful. PS4 Pro on sale in Hongkong today, PlayStation also in today officially open to support PS4 Pro provides better performance of the games, more than 40 games today will be able to support more PS4 Pro. In addition to these games, there are more than 10 games are expected to be optimized for PS4 Pro. Figure Polygon from Li Mou (Nemo Lee) to meet in Jun Yin, horse tall willow. Mailbox Sina micro-blog know almost # welcomed the attention of the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章: