In the name of science and technology innovation tribute to Savon interpretation of the classic "storm" – Sohu technology yesterday, the Royal Shakespeare company teamed up with Intel and Imaginarium studios, the frontier of innovation in the new London show Shakespeare the most imaginative drama "the Tempest", bring wonderful experience for the audience to find everything fresh and new. The performance of innovative technologies developed by Imaginarium studios, using Intel processors, the audience into the unprecedented fantasy trip. The performance capture technology has rendered the digital character, the wizard Ariel, to appear on the stage of the Royal Shakespeare theatre. Not only that, on the whole, rendering the digital environment, in the reality of virtual avatar, no longer need to be made and projected onto the stage, which makes the scene more all blend into one harmonious whole. The role of digital rendering performance capture technology elf Ariel, which appears in the work principle of the true to life stage technology is to capture the actors’ movements and facial expressions, to ensure the integrity of the actor can be converted into digital characters, the typical application scenario is the movie and game field. The Royal Shakespeare company, Intel and Imaginarium studio has been studied for more than a year, finally able to make real-time digital incarnation of true to life appeared on the stage, and the reality of the actors in the same stage, direct interaction. From the Royal Shakespeare theatre artistic director Gregory Doran directed by the Royal Shakespeare company artist Simon RussellBeale as the protagonist of the play, the Prospero, the Royal Shakespeare company design director StephenBrimson Lewis featuring design, the cooperation of the Royal Shakespeare company production capacity with Imaginarium studio, Intel digital innovation technology expertise integration, continuous breakthroughs in science and technology boundaries to build, to a new generation of viewers of the drama boutique. Digital avatars appear on the stage in real time, and the reality of the direct interaction, the same stage actor "Intel is very pleased to be able to use innovative technology, with rich traditional culture of drama show add new dimensions. By working with the Royal Shakespeare company and the Imaginarium studio, we combine excellent live performance with cutting-edge technology to bring an exciting experience to the audience." Intel vice president of global marketing communications department brand promotion department general manager Ms. Baldwin said, "in cooperation with a company has been seeking a breakthrough, we work together to create a man and a true to life, digital interactive role, so that the audience can personally on the scene into the scene." The Royal Shakespeare theatre artistic director Gregory Doran said: "the seventeenth Century James Thi era Masque, with the most advanced stage machinery and lighting effects. I was inspired to start thinking about a question – what would he want to do if Shakespeare were alive today?. Royal Shakespeare theatre,"相关的主题文章: