India said China submarine support ship appeared Manhaiduo submarine anda this activity type 926 submarine support ship "Sea Island", at the beginning of 2010 service, currently in the world advanced level. Andaman Sea, according to India media reports, in February 23rd, as the coast of India radar screen appeared a light spot, New Delhi sounded the alarm. This is a ship, an unidentified near Dammam – Nicobar Islands. The relevant personnel immediately to an Dammam Nicobar command to send alerts when the ship is under the control of. India’s economic times website reported on February 27th that it was a submarine supply ship for the Chinese people’s Liberation Army navy. The ship supply ship to the existence of the India naval officer suspected of having one or more Chinese submarine in an Dammam Nicobar command’s area around. "We’re watching the Chinese ship," the report said. This is not the first Chinese ship to be found near Andaman Islands. In fact, with the change of situation, Dammam – Nicobar Islands’s defense has been given more attention. Some of the country’s Navy frequently in an Dammam – Nicobar command’s area, which is also the submarine surface ships. We therefore prepared to meet the challenge more reason." An Dammam – Nicobar Command commander, P· K· Chatterjee, asked about the Chinese ship said. Over the past few years, an Dammam – Nicobar command improving Andaman Islands’s infrastructure to achieve results. There has been a lot of progress in the past eight or nine months. India’s defense minister also acknowledged that Andaman Islands is the front of the eastern waters of India, rather than the previously considered ebony coast. Lieutenant general Chatterjee said, "in the next five years, this will be another scene. More infrastructure has been built over the past year than ever before. People’s minds are changing. More troops will be deployed here to develop military and civilian infrastructure. "Muck" light missile frigate in April 1st will be posted to an Dammam – Nicobar command, P-8I anti submarine aircraft has been in service. We’ve got more radar, and we’ve improved a lot in strategy. We’re planning to deploy more radars. We also hope that the island’s Car Nicobar base into a permanent base. In the next few years, the islands will have a strong defense capability." Reported that, although the light missile frigate to Dammam – Nicobar command is a beneficial supplement, but the region is still at least two command ship. They will be deployed in the north, South and central Andaman Islands. The Chinese Navy’s ships and submarines are within 500 kilometers of the archipelago, making the islands more vulnerable to attack. The air force base in northern and southern Andaman Islands also needs to extend runway.

印称中国潜艇支援舰现身安达曼海 多艘潜艇在此活动 926型潜艇支援舰“海洋岛号”,2010年年初服役,目前处于世界先进水平。 安达曼海   据印度媒体报道,2月23日,随着印度沿海雷达的屏幕上出现一个光点,新德里响起了警报声。这是一艘身份不明、靠近安达曼-尼科巴群岛的舰只。有关人员立刻向安达曼-尼科巴司令部发送警报,此时该舰船已经处于监控之下。   印度《经济时报》网站2月27日报道,这是一艘中国人民解放军海军的潜艇供应舰。这艘供应舰的存在令印度海军军官怀疑有一艘或者更多的中国潜艇在安达曼-尼科巴司令部的辖区徘徊。   报道称,“我们在监视这艘中国舰船的行动。这不是安达曼群岛附近首次发现中国船舰。事实上,随形势变化,安达曼-尼科巴群岛的防务越加受到重视。某些国家的 海军在安达曼-尼科巴司令部的辖区频繁活动,其中既有水面舰也有潜艇。我们因此更有理由严阵以待。”安达曼-尼科巴司令部司令、P·K·查特吉中将被问及该中国船舰时说。   过去几年来,安达曼-尼科巴司令部改善安达曼群岛基础设施的努力取得了成果。过去八九个月来的工作有许多进展。印度国防部长也承认,安达曼群岛是印度东部海域前沿,而不是人们此前认为的乌木海岸。   查特吉中将说:“未来五年这里将是另一幅景象。过去一年的基础设施建设比以往都多。人们的思想正在转变。这里将派驻更多部队,努力发展军事和民用基础设施。‘卡穆克’号轻型导弹护卫舰将于4月1日派驻到安达曼-尼科巴司令部,P-8I反潜机已经在此服役。我们有了更多的雷达,在战略方面有了很大的改进。我们正在酝酿部署更多雷达。我们还希望把卡尔尼科巴岛的基地转为永久性基地。未来几年这座群岛将拥有强大的防御能力。”   报道称,虽然轻型导弹护卫舰对安达曼-尼科巴司令部是一个有益的补充,但该地区至少还需要两艘指挥舰。它们将部署在安达曼群岛的北部、南部和中部。中国海军的舰只和潜艇随时都在该群岛500公里半径范围以内,令该群岛更容易受到攻击。安达曼群岛北部和南部的空军基地也需要延长跑道。相关的主题文章: