Inflammation and cancer | Digest entanglement – Sohu of science and technology Qin Zhihai works "opened the door" Mr. immune bookstore shelves, price concessions, the free mail, click on the bottom of the article "read" buy this book. Here, I would like to give the readers a personal experience of the story. At the age of 15, I jump the road in the mountains. At that time, I was thin and small, specifically responsible for the gun to open the mountain. With sumac hill, locals say, sumac ghosts, feels unlucky. I was so big that I reached out and touched a little. A week later, we came to this place mountains. This time, I did not hold back his lacquer. This is really an allergy. After going back, the hands quickly got a bubble. Readers may remember that this is a typical allergic reaction: first contact activated antigen; second contact allergic reaction occurs. The key is, blistered hands to where, where it was almost all sparkling, blistered, very uncomfortable. To make matters worse, we live in a pine tree, and the bed is no exception. The room cold wet, the rain also Water Leakage, quilt is wet, it is easy to breed bacteria. I could not help but scratch, scratch, broken, infection, the pus, soon, it had a fever. I lost the ability to work back to the city in search of. The doctor said, "you are allergic. Should the use of hormones, hormone can inhibit the immune reaction, it can treat allergies; however, you have a bacterial infection, can not use hormone. Therefore, we should first use antibiotics to kill bacteria, and then hormone treatment allergies." According to the doctor’s idea, I will soon get better. I would like to emphasize the process of making a small story. In the study of immunology, I understand, suppuration, have a fever, the body will produce a lot of cytokines: fester when there is a kind of gram negative bacteria, its special ingredients in the cell wall can induce cytokine production, which is a very important cytokine called tumor necrosis factor. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is not only related to the destruction of the tissue during the process of the tumor, but also related to tumor inhibition. The latter leads me to the second story. William · Corley (1862? 1936) was a surgeon one hundred years ago. He encountered a lot of cancer patients in the treatment of patients, and then these patients can receive very little treatment. Once in a while, a patient with cancer had a fever, and the tumor disappeared mysteriously. William · had found that some toxins; pus in killing tumor cells. Inspired by this, William · Corley began cultivating the bacteria inside the pus, generations of subculture, and then injected new tumor patients with these bacteria; results, some patients’ tumors indeed subsided. There will be such a tumor killing toxin called Corleone toxin. By the end of 1930s, with the development of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the treatment of tumor with high side effects and high risk was gradually replaced. William · ‘very sad, he felt that his discovery of this toxin is very useful. Fortunately, his daughter inherits the father!相关的主题文章: