Sports-and-Recreation Backpacking is a wonderful way to get outside of the cities, enjoy nature and it’s something you can do over a weekend or extend into an entire season’s adventure. One of the benefits of backpacking is that you do not have to pay for hotel accommodations, making it a very low cost hobby. However, there is a limit to saving costs. You don’t want to try to save costs at the expense of not purchasing the right backpacking equipment. Backpacking tents are probably the first things you want to consider on your list. It’s important because this is going to be your home away from home. Not only will you be sleeping in it, but you might find yourself eating and entertaining yourself in it if the weather should turn bad. In most cases each individual in a backpacking group carries their own tent. However, if you have a partner or have children, you may want something more than a single capacity tent. Some people like the idea of a tent that can accommodate an entire family. That may sound nice, but there’s a problem in carrying such a unit. Not the least important consideration will be the weight of the tent, just like any other piece of equipment that you or other will be carrying. You also want to think about what kind of temperatures you’ll be dealing with. Some manufacturers of backpacking tents provide temperature ranges for which they do or do not recommend use. Also, since it can expect some rough treatment, you need to make sure that any tent you buy is made of tough material. Once you’ve purchased the right backpacking tent, go ahead and set them up in practice before your trip. Even if you’re an experienced backpacker, this is new equipment and you want to be familiar enough with it so that you can set it up quickly and easily. Another reason for doing this is making sure all the necessary parts are present. Taking the tent down is also a necessary practice as well since folding everything back correctly is important. There is a significant difference between backpacking gear and backpacking supplies which many are not aware of. Gear includes such items as tents, sleeping bags and head masks. Supplies would include such items as food, aspirins and salves. Backpacking is a lot of fun, but you have to be prepared by choosing the right backpacking tent, the right gear and the right supplies before heading off on your great adventure. Copyright (c) 2011 Sandra Tiffany About the Author: ..backpacking tents and gear.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: