Health Drug addiction is something that many people struggle with. Choosing the right treatment center or rehab facility is very important when it .es to successful recovery. All centers have different philosophies and therefore different ways to treat the addiction. It is re.mended that you look into what are the best drug addiction centers in the northeast United States before making a decision. If you live in New York one of the best treatment centers is Saint Jude Retreat House. This facility offers an alternative drug rehab program to the conventional. They boast the highest verified success rate in the US of 65% and claim to guarantee a permanent life improvement. Their view is that drug addiction is not a disease and is rather learned behavior and therefore a choice. They offer a 6 week program called the Jude Thaddeus Program that is not based on a twelve step system. Their treatment is based around education, and changing negative habits into positive actions. Essentially reworking the way you think and view the need for drugs. Arches Wellness is another center that offers an alternative to the traditional 12 step program of treatment. This center is located in Pennsylvania. Their philosophy is that drug addiction often stems from depression and if an addict continues to be depressed they will not be able to maintain sobriety. They see addiction as a .bination of biochemical and behavioral .ponents. The treatment they offer includes counseling, personal training and nutritional guidance. They use exercise as a tool to balance your metabolic rate which results in better sleep and an improved mental health. They use a balanced diet to .bat sugar and starch excess which they believe plays a part in a addiction. If you are looking for a traditional approach to treatment then you may wish to try The Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders. They are located in New Jersey. There are different programs on offer some of which are residential and others that are outpatient based. They look at an addicts mental, medical and spiritual health and treatment is .prised of individual and group therapy, education and the following of the 12 steps. They aim for a .plete change in lifestyle for the patient. Teaching them to reevaluate their behavior, values and social activities. While all these different programs have their own merits nothing is as important as the desire of the addict to change. Without this and the willingness to work at their recovery no treatment will be effective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: