Software Today, car parking has be.e a major issue as people often drive to work, at the nearest grocery, or for casual shopping. Since a majority of the population is armed with personal vehicles, travel has be.e easier, but have you stopped to think how difficult it is to locate your car in a huge parking area if you happen to forget the parking slot number? Thanks to advanced mobile devices and their applications, locating your car among millions others in a cramped parking space is no hassle at all. Here we take a look at the best iOS apps that can be used effectively for car searching: 1. Find My Car This is a free iOS application that uses the devices GPS to locate the parking space where the user can find his/her car. All the user has to do is take pictures of his vehicle with the phone camera and store important details like the registration number printed on the number plate for easy location in a cramped garage. One of the most intuitive features of this app is the timer facility that can be set for all parking meters. The most recent version of this app selling in the mobile market as Find My Car Smarter, syncs with the Bluetooth of your car, thus storing the location of the vehicle as soon as it is parked anywhere. 2. Honk This is not a free iOS app, but is preferred by users for its more interactive user interface. The application helps to note the location of car parking, it offers convenient directions for taking the car out of a full parking space, and also allows you to take notes on your vehicle by quick scribbling with the index finger. Additional features include locating of parking spaces in nearby areas, spotting the closest gas station, identifying the nearest ATM, and management of time using the parking meter icon. 3. ICar This is another free iOS mobile application used for car spotting purposes. The downside of this app is that it does not allow the user to store pictures of his vehicle. Moreover, there have been repeated reports of error messages showing up on the screen when users wanted information on the adjoining parking spaces and gas stations. Another feature that discourages people from using this iOS app is that it features too many ads. 4. My StuffFinder This is also known as Apples lost and found application. This is because of the fact that it assists users in not only locating a car, but also searching for keys, wallets, glasses, or anything else the user may have lost. All you have to do is store the location of your items of choice and this iOS application will help you in finding them if you happen to forget where you put them last. The only condition is that all items must be within 16 feet from where you are operating the My StuffFinder app. All these features are available for free. But this app is not preferred by several Apple customers as it does not include the feature of parking meter timer which is essential in spotting cars. Since most of the above iOS car locating mobile apps are available for free and are also fairly accurate, it is re.mended that the customers check an applications UI before installing them in a device. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: