It seems to be that Baidu glutinous rice peeling PingWest Du Lili really legitimate market Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway business will merge with the United States news hubbub date, Baidu Nuomi recently began an unusual change. Informed sources to play PingWest said, from a few days ago, part of the business includes hotel, business platform, Baidu Nuomi company has launched the 996 work (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week), the company promised to give employees 20 yuan per night meal supplement. Other business units will also be working on this schedule. With the previous 58 city implementation of the work of the same 996, glutinous rice employees did not receive formal notification of the mail, but by the leaders of the Department of direct verbal communication. The reason given by the company is to sort out the work under the environment, and not enforced, but is currently in the O2O battle to promote the spirit of fighting. At the same time, part of the core business department under the banner of the glutinous rice (catering, hotel, car, sales strategy and product strategy etc.) about hundreds of employees have moved away from the main office area Baidu Tech Park, change to another Baidu office building in Peng huan. But Baidu Technology Park office is not filled, the position change came a little bit strange and sudden. The sale rumors too, the staff have been jittery. Sold to new, or are looking for strategic investment from the beginning of August this year, the media have reported that Baidu takeaway and glutinous rice will be sold to the new high (the U.S. group, public comment). At the beginning of the September PingWest play has for this information to verify and new aspects of glutinous rice, takeout, both sides said "no comment". Baidu even issued an official statement on the same day the news spread throughout the Internet industry, said the news is a rumor. According to the PingWest play know, why was not announced the merger news, not because Baidu did not merge with the new big negotiations, but Baidu also for these two businesses looking for strategic investment, at the same time line. Although the Baidu two business in the market can be ranked in the top three, but potential investors worry is that if you continue to Baidu Nuomi and take out blood transfusion, burn wars will continue, everyone can not afford to burn. ". Coupled with the previous technology Tencent had quoted the relevant sources said Baidu did with the new takeaway contact, but because of the price and whether Baidu shares did not tanlong, so Baidu is likely to be stuck in a dilemma and sold to new look for strategic investment. Since last year, several large-scale mergers and acquisitions case of the Internet, each merger will lead to changes in personnel. Last year, after the merger of the United States and the public comment, although there is no large-scale layoffs, but also by adjusting the KPI approach, so that the push and BD to leave their own, in order to reduce duplication of labor force of the two companies. This time the staff moved away from the original Baidu working environment, the implementation of the 996 working system, perhaps for a similar consideration. Last year’s big bet, limbo, Lee?相关的主题文章: