My legs shoot two meters long is the secret you have to learn to lead: what is the most important in the journey? Answer: of course is to take a photo!!! National Day, the new year will be far behind? Look at these pictures have a large coffee legs and quick guide to good you deserve! (source: posters fashion network picture: WENN) legs legs Pose trick cheats as crash 1: take this action on tiptoe regardless of front, side, tiptoe, bit, whole body was stretched! 2:45 Pose took this trick of cross legged legs is not easy cross legged but 45 degrees for the earth’s plate on the knees, this action will appear more slender leg and thigh, also tense state. Trick 3: Pose long legs behind the side shot from the side or side angle is the very embodiment of the leg line, even if your leg is not perfect, as long as the use of this point, your second leg Master package. Bottom 4: Pose trick hip shot behind the shooting from behind to have a peach hip is not difficult, as long as the waist and hips will not only significantly long legs will let the hips look more full. Look at this beautiful posture, you will have to try it before you seal, two pronged proposal not only find the perfect angle but also the way to a more beautiful figure, then let us practice. The first version of the third leg of the strokes: the original underground squat standing jump for two minutes, adhere to a minute.相关的主题文章: