Experts say the Jane Zhang farce behind the tragic lead: Recently, Jane Zhang’s family drama to make friends stunned. Mother and son hand to court, a twisted and enjoyable family portrait shoot. Experts from the angle of psychology to help people know the truth of the facts. Feng Ke, Jane Zhang and the mother of the century reconciliation, recently, the mother of the open letter of the mother of the public to become the focus of the public in the field of public relations in the field of public relations, the mother of the mother of the world. Daughter to get married, my mother did not know; know, my mother that the man will not bring happiness to her daughter, so that the man’s seven sins. It appears to be in the open letter, mother said her daughter’s fiance is not good, the expression of fear and their daughter, necessary for her daughter to succeed, care for his daughter’s future happiness. Indeed, the letter full of reasonable, even details can also be considered. Such a mother to protect her daughter and hurt into the public eye. With the development of things, people do not seem to lead the mother’s feelings, but began to question the mother. I believe that the mother never thought things would be like this, her heart must be anxiety and anxiety, and even anger. I can only say that now more and more intelligent users, more and more interested in exploring the truth. At the same time, we should also appreciate the efforts of our psychological counterparts, more and more people will use the psychological mind to look at the problem. My dream is to hope that psychology can benefit everyone. It is the point the day and await for it. After the mother released this open letter, Jane Zhang at the press conference on the matter tears. The mother’s letter really made her sad. First, she humiliated her daughter. Chinese very secretive, and her daughter is a public figure, her daughter’s future past, will arouse the curiosity of the public. In the era of network violence so prevalent, the daughter thrown into the center of the storm of public opinion, this is not the way to cherish her daughter. And the open letter: the daughter married to a bad husband, and irrational, as the mother is very worried about. And because my daughter is not good, I was hurt. In fact, the direct expression of her daughter is not good, and this is not because they do not listen to their own words, so that their grievances, it is not better? You feel me a scene: a mother quilt on the top floor, next to her little son. The mother told the same quilt up neighbors: quilt because son bedwetting. The child’s inner sense of shame is imaginable. Sometimes the mother does not have to directly blame the child, as long as exposing the child does not want to expose the secret, it is enough to make the child ashamed. Second, she continues to stimulate her daughter’s guilt. A wronged mother ran out. As a child, if a mother is wronged, whether this grievance is not from their own children’s hearts are uncomfortable. Moreover, the mother wronged sad, really because of me. Can think, Jane Zhang as a filial daughter, the heart will have how guilty. Third, she is constantly violating the boundaries of an adult daughter. Many people have been small when mom and dad peep Diary experience, also have their own room does not allow the experience to lock the door. And for all this相关的主题文章: