Jay Chou five battle tomorrow broadcast   Fei Yuqing   dream mentor? — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Fei Yuqing as a dream mentor? Bao Qifei Jay Chou five piece hand and face strong battle "new song" tomorrow evening broadcast Chinese will broadcast the Jay Chou "surface strongest team" five strong battle in tomorrow. Brother Fei Yuqing as a dream mentor, the hand piece and expression package together, into the history of the most hilarious dream mentor. In addition, in order to give the students cheer team Jielun, brother Jay Chou will live a "blue and white", and a duet with Jay Chou, "a thousand miles away" reproduce the classic scene. The opening of Jay Chou group is low-key and Cheng Sijia, low-key combination brings Michael? Jackson song "Bad", Cheng Sijia chose one of Yuan Yawei’s "think different". The other teacher after speaking, turn the dream mentor Fei Yuqing spoke, he took out a piece of A4 paper, there are filled with dense notes. Jay Chou hastened to explain, "don’t get me wrong Oh this is not written words, this is the time to look at the rehearsal yesterday by their own notes. He wrote it all by himself." The little brother is Chukouchengzhang, "low-key combination, I think their song is very difficult, I don’t like dancing people feel relaxed feeling is you want to take out. Think of the singing, there is kind of like the Olympic Games inside the figure skating, there are tricks in it, you can hang four turn, safely. Until the end, but also with a radian down to the ground, the feeling of waiting for the arrival of applause." One side of the Harlem Yu tips, "brother you have talked about the key." Fei Yuqing said, "the point is, I sound comfortable." (Wen Lu, Li Yan: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: