Jiang Bingkun: the "92 consensus" not the cross-strait communication platform is gone – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, SEF chairman Tian Hongmao, former Taiwan new correspondence ARATS, not to mention the "92 consensus". Jiang Bingkun, former chairman of the SEF said, "92 consensus" is very important to both sides, he described the SEF and ARATS platform to bridge across the Strait, the "92 consensus" is the bridge pier, the pier is gone, the platform is not, is this predicament." Reported that the KMT held 13 Taiwan Autumn Festival home send warm activity, and the Taiwan authorities don’t have signs of taste, the Chinese on both sides of Taiwan will build research director Zhang Hanwen, supervisors Wang Pingsheng about hundreds of Taiwanese representatives. Jiang Bingkun said that the KMT has resumed talks and contact the mainland Taiwanese business service center, hoping to continue to serve taiwan. KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu in addition to thank Taiwanese authorities would be never abandon, also known as Taiwan most solid backing, but after the interruption, 5.20 cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and communication mechanism has slowed down and off land reduced, "the whole atmosphere is wrong, the environment has changed." She said that the KMT ruling 8 years of peace and stability, with the transfer of the regime disappeared. Hong Xiuzhu said, now the future of Taiwan is full of unknown, the two sides did not make a lot of friends worried about stability, "the responsibility", must take up the bridge on both sides of the harmonious communication, voice for Taiwanese friends.相关的主题文章: