Jiang Yanxi EIA: the countdown to the opening mode of spot oil layout Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! It is a week when EIA is imperceptibly spent do not know how much of the EIA market, but did not get tired of this market, but each time the EIA would like to play with blood like excitement, because they can be in this big market in great benefit. "As the saying goes, the Practice makes perfect. oil peddler, the only hand cooked Seoul" when the EIA market experienced many, every time I see the data after the market trend naturally by heart. Specific operations can be concerned about the number of precious metals investment alliance. News information: Wednesday (August 31st) the period of oil prices in the near two week low narrow shocks, U.S. crude oil futures in October is currently trading at $46.18 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures in November is currently trading at $48.48 a barrel, as the dollar holding near three week highs, and the API inventory data to display the U.S. crude oil inventories increased, oil prices still lack of action. Dollar index rose to 96.17 on Wednesday, the highest level since August 9th. A stronger dollar, resulting in dollar denominated commodities such as oil for holders of other currencies become more expensive, and may limit demand. In August 31 the line ending date of arrival, the price of crude oil return of 46, Jiang Yanxi said that the current price of crude oil from the technical point of view has been in fourth waves, will usher in a rebound opportunity, but the evening EIA inventory announced, although the market expected bad crude oil, but the need to prevent violent counter. The crude oil market oversupply fears increased, and the API inventory recorded an increase in oil prices sharply, while the EIA inventory according to market expectations and API inventory data, more likely to increase again bad evening crude oil, however, occurred ending on the occasion of crude oil investors beware profits phenomenon. This is Jiang Yanxi remind investors to pay attention to. Technical discussion: for oil investors, tonight’s attention is tantamount to EIA inventory data. I first again: due to the recent article plagiarism is becoming increasingly serious, a lot of my original article plagiarism is undeniable, in today’s world is that creativity is not strong but imitation ability can be quite. So here I just released my EIA general layout ideas, and the specific EIA layout I will be in my public number precious metal investment union exclusive release, no reprint. Specific can be concerned about the number of precious metals investment alliance. Author WeChat duanwu6358 welcome advice. Following today’s EIA general layout ideas: for the evening EIA layout is also very simple, the above analysis also said the Iran crude oil production, the excess supply situation worsened, and technical level correction to the vicinity of 45 is not in place, so even if the evening crude oil inventory data Dumbledore, is expected to increase will not be great, then the operating idea is a word empty, before the U.S. disc is expected to rebound in crude oil will not be too large, pay attention to pressure near 46.5 can be, and if EIA is so bullish on top相关的主题文章: