"Jiangnan leather factory closed down" video explosion of red lyrics was the rumor – Sohu news network Divine Comedy "Jiangnan leather factory closed down" the lyrics from unscrupulous traders to Taoxin migrant workers identity marketing recording "Jiangnan leather factory closed down" the video author apology "Wenzhou’s most large leather factory of Jiangnan leather factory collapse bastard boss Huang Chihepiaodu, owed 3.5 billion, with a sister run. We can’t afford to pay our wallets! Wallets of more than 100, more than 200, more than 300 are sold for 20 now, all for 20 pieces……" Recently, a network of "Divine Comedy" maxed out micro-blog and the circle of friends, and there are various versions. This song, listen to the lyrics and the actual recording content before see stall leather touting the high streets and back lanes with exactly the same, but the arrangement is popular "kichiku version". Then he who is, whether there is a debt? Does the Jiangnan leather factory really exist? Arrangement and what kind of history? "The Divine Comedy" MV producers apologized yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found the "Jiangnan leather factory closed down" the first video producer Liu Dian, his micro-blog first is a clear apology, said it had learned that his last May made "Jiangnan leather factory gentelman" spoof video content is not real that caused a bad influence on other leather factory in Wenzhou, the video has been deleted. The name "Liu Dian why girls wear short skirts", "Jiangnan leather factory closed down in May last year" is the production of works, then to the domestic well-known barrage video website, the name "gentleman" Jiangnan leather factory. He admitted that he was doing "Jiangnan leather factory of the Divine Comedy" did not expect the fire, because the Internet has been all about director Huang run Street recording and parody, so the video caption didn’t do this first, but when the hand works had just come back. It is understood that Liu Dian is the first in the A station to green word "empty ear" subtitle king, and then produced its "head series" open ghost all star video, but also become a lot of people’s ghost animal video introductory textbooks. "I don’t know who is he, never went to Wenzhou, is a fun ah." He said that the song production costs about 5 hours, and the background music uses another Korean singer, bird’s uncle gentleman. "The Divine Comedy" has lyrics is inaccurate BYD reporters retrieve public reports found that the Jiangnan leather factory does exist, established in 2002 in Wenzhou, and was once the well-known leather enterprises, located in Longwan District of Wenzhou City, investment for the Wenzhou Jiangnan holding group. Wenzhou Jiangnan leather factory, leather factory of Jiangnan holding group accounted for 50% of the shares, Huang Zuoxing will give his nephew crane factory management. He has a factory 10% stake, is the legal representative. Good operating conditions, until 2011 the director Huang run away. According to media reports, after that, Huang Zuoxing also lost the security and wages of the factory to his nephew. Jiangnan leather factory bankruptcy liquidation, the former Wenzhou brand ceased to exist. Therefore, the so-called "Divine Comedy" mentioned in the Fang

《江南皮革厂倒闭了》视频爆红 歌词内容曾被辟谣-搜狐新闻 网络神曲《江南皮革厂倒闭了》的歌词,出自于不法商贩以讨薪民工身份营销的录音 《江南皮革厂倒闭了》的视频作者致歉   “温州最大皮革厂江南皮革厂倒闭,王八蛋老板黄鹤吃喝嫖赌,欠下3.5个亿,带着小姨子跑了。我们没办法,拿着钱包抵工资!原价100多、200多、300多的钱包现在全部卖20块,统统只要20块……”近日,一首网络“神曲”刷爆微博以及朋友圈,且有各种版本。而这首神曲,细听下歌词实际与之前在大街小巷看到的地摊皮具招揽生意用的录音内容完全一致,但是编曲却是当下流行的“鬼畜版”。那么黄鹤到底是谁,是否真有欠债一事?江南皮革厂真的存在么?编曲又是怎样的来历?   “神曲”MV制作者公开道歉   昨日,北京青年报记者找到了《江南皮革厂倒闭了》的视频第一制作者刘典,他的微博第一条就是一条澄清道歉信息,表示其已经得知自己去年5月制作的《江南皮革厂gentelman》的恶搞视频中的内容不实,对温州的其他皮革厂造成了不好的影响,现已删除视频。   刘典网名“女孩为何穿短裙”,《江南皮革厂倒闭了》是其在去年5月制作的作品,当时传至国内知名弹幕视频网站,名字为《江南皮革厂 gentleman》。他坦言,自己当时做“江南皮革厂神曲”的时候没想到会火,因为网上一直有各种关于厂长黄鹤逃跑的街头录音和恶搞作品,所以视频字幕也没做,这首只是当时刚复出的时候练手的作品。据了解,刘典最早是专门在A站以绿色字发布“空耳”的“字幕君”,后来其制作的“元首系列”开鬼畜全明星视频,也成为很多人的鬼畜视频入门教材。   “我也不知道黄鹤是谁,也没去过温州,就是觉得好玩啊。”他透露,歌曲制作大概耗费5小时,背景音乐用了韩国歌手鸟叔的另一首作品《gentleman》。   “神曲”存在歌词不实情况   北青报记者检索公开报道发现,江南皮革厂确实存在,2002年在温州设立,且曾经是知名皮革企业,位于温州市龙湾区,投资方为温州江南控股集团。   温州江南皮革厂投产后,江南控股集团占皮革厂50%股份,黄作兴将工厂交给其侄子黄鹤管理经营。黄鹤拥有工厂10%的股份,是法人代表。良好的经营状况,一直持续到2011年厂长黄鹤跑路。据媒体报道,之后,黄作兴给侄子还掉了工厂的担保款和工人工资。江南皮革厂破产清算,这个曾经的温州品牌不复存在。因此所谓“神曲”中提到的“我们没办法,拿着钱包抵工资!”说法并不属实。   歌词所述事件曾被温州商会打假   根据媒体的公开报道,录音的原始制作者余小龙,之前在成都经营一家录音棚。他也证实神曲《江南皮革厂倒闭了》,的确是改编自他于2012年10月制作的那段录音。“当时是被不法商贩以讨薪民工身份欺骗,而找配音员录制了商贩撰写的营销文稿,当年就已经道歉,现在这歌火了希望不会又影响温商的形象。”余小龙说。   而不少评论显示,这一事件又被炒红,或是去年12月微博里突然来了取名为“黄鹤厂长”的微博,其自我介绍为浙江温州江南皮革厂厂长,取名“黄鹤厂长”,瞬间吸引2万多名粉丝。但短短25天后,该账号就因伪造认证材料,提供虚假信息,而被微博管理员撤销认证,冻结账号至今。   2013年10月开始,针对“黄鹤录音事件”损害温商与温州形象的行为,各地温州商会在全国开始了大规模的打假正名行动。   对话   “网络神曲”视频制作者:   我向被影响的皮革厂致歉   北青报:你做这个视频,之前是否核实过歌词内容是否属实?   刘典(神曲视频制作者):之前确实没有核实,当时只是为了好玩,反正之前恶搞的版本也很多。   北青报:背景音乐是什么?   刘典:因《江南style》走红的韩国歌手鸟叔的另一首作品《gentleman》。   北青报:用了多久做视频?   刘典:5个小时左右。   北青报:用的就是原版录音是么?   刘典:对的。就是大家熟知的那个。   北青报:有没有想过视频可能影响其他皮革厂?   刘典:现在想到了,所以现在在微博上澄清了,请大家不要继续传播,公开向被影响的温州一系列皮革厂致歉。   北青报:以后还会制作么?   刘典:才知道内容不实,现在已经删了。   本组文 本报记者 王晓芳相关的主题文章: