Jilin satellite TV: 2017 arrangement should not blindly follow the big play down to earth variety small and beautiful – Jilin TV entertainment Sohu "and beautiful" said   entertainment Sohu (Bai Mawen) from the beginning of October, the arrangement of TV in 2107 continue to open, fight fight fight big coffee variety show, the TV is still the ultimate investment. November 15th, Jilin satellite TV quality resources promotion will be held in Beijing. Promotion will be announced in 2017 organized the Jilin satellite TV programs, TV, and Jilin TV in 2017, not blindly, go from the big play down to earth, a variety of small and beautiful route. A variety of small and beautiful characteristics of the northeast "adhering to the" small is beautiful "is Jilin TV program development direction, Jilin satellite TV will be from the Chinese traditional culture for nutrition and strength, inspiration, dig Jilin local resources and characteristics in real life. The plan of "small cost, big feelings, positive energy" program, dive down to explore new programs with artisans like skills in mode of life services, educational programs, entertainment, let the audience "Carnival, relax" mentality, enjoy the show. Seminar on 2017 announced a series of program highlights: the campus music show "the strongest voice" in school resource integration, strong intensive promotion planning, professional production standards for the show, to become the campus music show the most influential college students in 2017. The health service program "baby don’t cry" from the unique, authoritative, scientific and practical to use the multi screen interactive way for more parents to solve health problems in children. The original quiz game show "who gave me the answer will be" from the questions and guess the way continue to upgrade, through interactive programs, so that more viewers to participate in the quiz answer. "Beautiful" and will face to provide professional health knowledge to answer the young community, through interesting experiments, amateur participation, interactive quiz, data analysis, topic discussion, will live in a unique form of encyclopedic knowledge proposal more down to earth entertainment show to the young audience. In addition, next year will launch with a global vision of the global fashion show; based on the deep local entertainment northeast "who can laugh"; focus on the integration of media, network characteristics fully interactive multi platform program, through the comedy temperament. At the same time, the regular program originality still, unlimited potential. In the broadcast of the old program will be rejuvenated, each file will be upgraded in 2017 innovation. Play down to Earth Village Theme takes heavy head down to earth, can describe the characteristics of Jilin TV theatre in 2017. Jilin satellite TV will be the next 3-5 years to gradually build the country’s largest rural drama broadcast platform. 2017 Jilin satellite TV will continue to open during the day, "pastoral Theatre" and the evening 10:20 "Village Theme" series of drama "the young people in our village". "We young people" the village will cover the TV classic IP drama "new" and "village folks fashionably dressed men and women love", Jilin TV comedy gene remodeling. The "new" will use iterative fashionably dressed men and women shot broadcast were filmed in 20 tries to update the form相关的主题文章: