Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong "home" before the last thing in the temple: Tai Chi – Sohu Military Channel text with map: astronaut Jing Haipeng Chen Dong and Tai Chi in the temple. Text with map: astronaut Jing Haipeng Chen Dong and Tai Chi in the temple. Astronaut Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong live in the Temple No. two, 30 days, completed all experimental tasks, 17 days to return the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft. According to CCTV reported on 17, before returning them both in the temple and completed a special task: world synchronization, Chinese Kung Fu show. Survey of Tai Chi, soft and smooth movements, coherent free movements, the astronauts concentrate quiet spirit, playing Tai Chi, in the weightless environment of space, more freely flowing style of writing feeling of harmony between man and nature. This set of Taijiquan is called "sky Tai Chi", do not underestimate this set of skills, but it set director of Chinese Taiji five sects of the day, two sets of eighteen in each game. Participants in the "Green Star Airlines" test in Shenzhen Tong Feizhou display a set of actions on the ground survey of Tai Tong, was the astronaut Liu Yang Feizhou physical training instructor, in June 26, 2012, implementation of God nine mission Liu Yang in Tiangong-1 on display for the first time this set of taijiquan. This Tai Chi is mainly designed for the astronauts, the action is not subject to space constraints, the basic skills to practice based. "Space by Taiji" is an experimental project in China’s first astronaut Yang Liwei organization design, has experienced nine of God, God more than and 10 astronauts Chinese space verification, Tai Chi won the survey of copyright protection, can full display.相关的主题文章: