"Joint 2016": the Russian Navy organization took control of Joint Stereo island Beijing drill – Guangdong Xinhua News Agency Zhanjiang on 18 September, (Li Youtao, Cheng Jianming) and broken barrier team and amphibious armored vehicles on the shore to hit targets, special team sabotage underwater covert penetration, the helicopter ride to the target region close to vertical commandos…… Russia joint maritime – 2016 joint military exercises took control of 18 islands stereo walkthrough kicks off. During the exercise, the two sides were mixed into landing troops around the joint maritime delivery, on the other side of the target air strike, surface ships and armored equipment across the fire support, launched a joint assault and so on reefs of the enemy defense, the entire outstanding information under the condition of "back to back" against. Among them, both red and blue only preset time range, both offensive and defensive, the deployment of troops are decision-making. The use of special command information system crack joint bottleneck is the focus and highlights of the exercise. Red blue command and combat units to achieve data link communication, the combat unit also achieve seamless sharing of resources. In the unified information under the command of Russian Marines consisting of special sabotage team first attack, hidden close to a predetermined area, broken barrier beach beach against open channel. In the face of blue planes and shore fire blocking, amphibious armored vehicles from the red dock filed out, using the powerful fire support infantry action. Then, carrying Marines helicopter took off fast, deep "enemy" after the attacks, the blue occupied reefs took control of the implementation of three-dimensional. Accurate, efficient, fast, the whole exercise to achieve a high degree of integration. Through this exercise, the inspection of the command and control, intelligence and reconnaissance, communication and cooperation, the use of firepower, information sharing and other capabilities.相关的主题文章: