The game was gored young students parents refused to lower the perpetrators of the original title: Pingliang Kongtong 13 – year-old boy was gored parents dissatisfied with the school students handling alarm 13 year olds class to do the game by classmates gored parents dissatisfied with Pingliang City Kongtong Wenwu School handling alarm local police investigation October 21st afternoon, Pingliang City Kongtong court a 13 year old junior high school boys in class during the students with his knee injury caused by contusion of testis hematoma. After the incident, the parents of the students busy as an excuse to indifferent to the injured. November 5th, injured parents to the Lanzhou morning news reporters reflect the matter. It is reported that at present, Kongtong District Public Security Bureau police station has been involved in investigating the matter in Kongtong mountain. Class game boy was a knee injury students in the evening of November 5th, some parents wax wax injured students came to the Lanzhou morning news reporter to reflect, October 21st at 6 pm, Mr. LA as usual to the school gate to take children home, found the child walking posture is not right, the expression of pain. The way children called the lower abdomen and lower body pain, back home in the family under questioning, the child before the truth, said Xu go out during the class at 3 in the afternoon, the students were a horse with his knee under the crotch, then feel pain and discomfort. At that time is the class time, the teacher organization to do the game, the child is the last one, was a classmate Ma knee injury." Mr. La said. See the child more and more painful, he hurried to the nearest Jingning People’s Hospital, B ultrasound diagnosis of testicular contusion. In the hospital two days, children bladder enlargement is more and more serious. October 24th, they will go to Second Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University emergency department visits. Color Doppler report shows: the left side of the testis, consider the formation of hematoma after the change, the right side did not see obvious abnormalities, at present, the appearance of bladder swelling. Mr. wax said he was most worried about is that the child will leave a hangover, which, doctors said it could not be expected, only to see the recovery. The attitude of the school students and parents refused to come forward to make it difficult for Mr. Li is that after the incident, the school is not very active with respect to cooperation, adults have also been kicked the ball. The night of the incident, he contacted the phone teacher Ma Dongpeng coach, the other party admitted that the matter, but did not expect the consequences so serious. Second days, still do not see the parents of the students and school personnel to the hospital to visit, Mr. La repeatedly urged, the school paima coach Dong Peng to the hospital to visit, and promised to report to the school leadership. However, until the third day or no news, he had no choice but to find a school. Vice President Wang Zhichao said they have responsibility, but the school did not have money. The king promised the school take some money dart at first to advance treatment for children, and sent to accompany, let parents take the injured students to the hospital for treatment, but the king suddenly changed. When he said to appeal, Mr. Wang said it was a threat, he did not eat hard soft, so that mr.. Helpless, Mr. La had to reflect the matter to the Kongtong District Education Bureau, bureau of education and let them find the school. Mr. Wang once again find the wax dart, dart the king contact parents, who also did not think of is, the other students.相关的主题文章: