Keep these habits in your pregnancy can be like a star! Sohu with "baby you come from the stars" is known to every family goddess Gianna Jun, announced in mid July of this year after pregnancy has been reclusive. Currently about 6 months pregnant Gianna Jun, the spirit looks pretty good, goddess style remains. The most critical or figure! Small series can not help but think of the British Princess Kate, often appear in front of the audience is looking great, even if the pregnancy nor shelter as a good figure, unlike ordinary potbellied pregnant women. Many people think that pregnancy shape is inevitable, but far see the female star, Chen Yao, Yang Mi, Kunling, past is the freaky circle of ordinary mother, even if they are pregnant, big belly, body or lever, even more than before the people. How did they do it? Today let Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital experts teach you the recipe. Taiwan experts recommend a: hurry up or buttocks is the most suitable for the pregnant mother to burn fat thin, if used in walking a slightly larger than usual pace, and tension in the walking process of hip, can gain better fat burning slimming effect. Even better, you can get your hips, thighs and muscles to help you get through the hip. Expectant mothers can take a walk from a walk to a brisk walk, ready for a pair of sports shoes, and choose a softer road to avoid a sprained ankle during the pregnancy. The school playground PU runway is very suitable for mothers to go fast. Go in front, mothers should remember to stretch up, to avoid injuries, do not force yourself to what kind of exercise intensity, can go faster than usual. Perseverance for 15 minutes every day, if the physical permission can be increased to 30 minutes, as long as there is a feeling of heart rate acceleration, there is the effect of exercise. Taiwan experts recommend two: abdominal breathing abdominal breathing for 5 minutes is very important for the combustion of visceral fat, can help you maintain a healthy organs while preventing the waist, excessive fat, can exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, help after childbirth. In addition, as long as the abdominal breathing can be 5 minutes per hour, you can make your body’s metabolism in the next few hours are faster than the times, is conducive to the elimination of metabolic toxins in the body. Practice abdominal breathing is correct: relax, back straight, hands gently in the abdomen, imagine the fetus is living in a wide space, slowly inhale through your nose, belly up until now, exhale slowly in the air all spit out, please pay attention to the best practice, please a man in order to avoid the wrong demonstration. Taiwan experts recommend three: a reasonable low salt diet at 29 weeks of pregnancy after a day for the uptake of 1000gm (about two cups of milk or calcium Soybean Milk) enough to own and the fetus needed. Pregnant mothers 29 weeks of pregnancy diet for vitamin C, can be absorbed from all kinds of Vegetable & Fruit. Pregnant mother due to the extrusion of the lower abdomen, also often have the problem of constipation, so in the diet should pay attention to increase fiber intake, and intake of enough water. In addition, due to a large amount of sodium salt, pregnant mother if.相关的主题文章: