Kevin Cheng with "poor rich dad" to talk about Chongqing Education by the famous Hongkong film Mr. Wu Siyuan served as producer, director Zhang Jianting, Kevin Cheng, Li Chengyuan, little bin starring magic Carnival comedy "poor rich dad" will be released in November 10th. In November 5th, the cast appeared in Chongqing, as the audience secret filming scenes stories. TVB as the emperor Kevin Cheng in Chongqing self concept of education "and if a son, make sure he can be very independent, daughter loved her." "Poor rich dad" by Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad bankrupts with his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. Director Zhang Jianting said, Kevin Cheng was chosen to play the father, because Kevin Cheng had no children, no experience, and let him play with very little bin son, two people start a relationship that awkward. Kevin Cheng said he is a very experienced actor, two people had a tacit understanding. For their own education idea, has forty-seven year old Kevin Cheng said: "if the daughter will be spoiled boy, let him alone." He found that many children will not stop reading, is integrated into the social "my son read not more than 30 years old in the escape, the man must assume responsibility for his family." Chongqing will see the film after film viewers have given good evaluation, heartwarming son of affection, the funny plot caused great sympathy from the audience, compared to the male audience, the female audience more delicate emotional concerns: "although the film is about a father and son, but as a mother, I also have experience greatly. They both as parents and parents of children, more able to understand what parents and children really need, and that is happiness and companionship." When the film opened and the audience that will take the child and his family to the cinema to see it again, believe that "poor rich dad" can bring joy and family moved.

郑嘉颖携《贫穷富爸爸》来渝 大谈教育观 由香港著名电影人吴思远先生担任出品人,张坚庭导演、郑嘉颖、李呈媛、小小彬主演的魔性合家欢喜剧《贫穷富爸爸》将于11月10日上映。11月5日众主创现身重庆,为观众揭秘了影片拍摄台前幕后的故事趣闻。TVB视帝郑嘉颖在渝自爆教育观“如果是儿子,一定要让他独立,女儿就可以对她很宠爱。” 《贫穷富爸爸》由两度获得香港金像奖最佳编剧奖的张坚庭编剧并执导,讲述了富爸爸假装破产带儿子穷游香港,上演一段温情感人又爆笑连连的难忘之旅。张坚庭导演表示,之所以选郑嘉颖来演爸爸,是因为郑嘉颖没有小孩,没有经验,让他和小小彬演父子,很符合两人一开始那种尴尬的关系模式。郑嘉颖说小小彬是一个很有经验的演员,两人合作很默契。对于自己的教育观念,已经四十七岁的郑嘉颖说“如果是女儿一定会很宠爱,男孩就要让他独立。”他发现现在很多孩子会不停读书,是在逃避融入社会“我的儿子读书就不能超过30岁,男人一定要担负起养家的重任。”重庆看片会结束后观众纷纷给予影片不俗评价,温馨感人的父子亲情,笑料百出的情节设定引发了在场观众的高度共鸣,相比男性观众,女性观众关注的情感更加细腻:“虽然电影讲的是父子情,但作为一位妈妈我同样深有体会,自己既作为父母又是父母的孩子,更加能够体会父母和孩子真正需要的是什么,那就是快乐和陪伴。”还有观众表示等到影片上映一定会带着孩子和家人一起到影院再看一遍,相信“贫穷富爸爸”能够带给家人欢乐和感动。相关的主题文章: