Lai change more than and 100 pounds of coin to pay court detained rolled steel Beng Washington steel Beng not RMB? Steel coin is rmb! This is all I do small business accumulated……" Said He Fei (a pseudonym) is a case of owe lai. Reporters yesterday from Gongyi City Court was informed that he had deliberately flying executive judges and the applicant, specialized banks run 8500 yuan to be converted into steel Beng more than and 100 pounds, but also less 700 yuan, not the applicant’s understanding. September 16th, the court can only his judicial detention. Zheng report financial media reporter Lu Yan correspondent Hao Yajing Ventura people injured, 8500 yuan of mediation good delay to September 16th, the 16th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. Gongyi City Court Executive Board Executive He Fei was at home after the news, early in the morning to find the door. Steel Beng not RMB? Steel coin is rmb! This is all I do small business accumulated……" This is the first sentence He Fei saw the judge said. Why would he say that? It turned out that he was a traffic accident in the implementation of the dispute, the court came into force after the first payment of 5000 yuan Fei Fei, the remaining $9700, he said that no longer pay. After mediation and consultation, finally agreed to 8500 yuan closed trouble. During the implementation of the judge repeatedly found He Fei, he always flies off. Finally to June of this year, he flew with money to the Gongyi City Court Enforcement bureau. Willing to return, 8500 yuan for Gangbeng to court however, the executive judge and the applicant Ms. Yin saw money did not imagine the joy. The original 8500 yuan, he brought all steel beng, "most of the steel Beng code neatly and with red paper bag is good, a look is just from the bank to the." The judge said it was clear that in a malicious attempt to enforce the judge and the applicant. He saw robust and strong executive judge in two will be flying more than and 100 pounds this steel coin shipped to the executive board upstairs, and Ms. Yin is more than and 50 years old, not only can not count, how to transport home are difficult. Finally, Ms. Yin refused to sign the two steel beng, and said to the full implementation and to pay off half a year of interest. Judge Zhang Xinwei immediately do his work, let him exchange hundreds of dollars notes, as soon as possible to settle the case. After that, Zhang Xinwei asked him to fly exchange situation, he said he was only 2700 yuan. Since then, he did not show up again. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, unwilling to repay in full custody in September 16th, He Fei was brought to the board after the elder brother quickly sent 8500 yuan, of which there are no time to exchange the steel beng. Ms. Yin still insists on full execution and has to pay interest on the delay. Executive judge Zhang Xinwei coordination, Ms. Yin finally gave up the interest part, only requires the full implementation of the cash 9700 yuan is enough, but he is unwilling to fly to pay only $8500. Zhang Xinwei two coordination, Ms. Yin agreed to subtract 500 yuan on the basis of full implementation, a total of $9200 to pay. But he still does not give up, insist on the implementation of 8500 yuan. Executive judges can only last for him to carry out judicial detention, so that he had a memorable detention in the detention of a small holiday.相关的主题文章: