The Value Of ‘disruptive’ Talent Posted By: sinuse If there’s one thing that your management training to date may not have prepared you for, it’s how to deal with ‘disruptive’ talent… such as Sir Richard Branson. Yep, the Virgin founder recently admitted in an interview with BBC World Business that he possibly wouldn’t be the easiest employee for any boss to handle, stating that his line manager would need to "accept that I might not do things exactly as he’d like me to do them." This brings up an interesting question… if you have a tricky, rebellious worker in your midst who might also have the brilliance in them to be the next Branson, what do you do about them? No company wants to lose great talent – certainly not anyone who could be capable of emulating the Blackheath-born entrepreneur’s achievements, which range from his launch and stewardship of Virgin Records – later Virgin Megastores – to the Virgin Atlantic airline. After all, if you do allow disruptive talent to slip through your grasp, they might just come back to haunt you.

management training Thoughts On Discrimination Due To Unconscious Workplace Biases Posted By: sinuse Could you be discriminating against certain staff in your workplace without even realising it? It’s not something that many of us would like to think still happens in today’s supposedly more equal world. But even the most well-meaning of us can still fuel discrimination through certain unconscious workplace biases; we explore this in our business breakfast session Unconscious Bias. The sad truth is that we aren’t always as logical as we’d like to think and this can make a big difference to, for example, someone of a certain gender, age or ethnic background gaining a promotion. Our business breakfast session on unconscious bias will introduce you to this concept and the power that it can have in the workplace. We’ll give you an example of what we mean. Sheryl Sandberg – the Facebook chief operating officer who we have mentioned on this blog before – and Adam Grant, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, wrote an article for The New York Times back in February, entitled Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee.

Cerulean Blu Make A Change With Employee Teaching Posted By: Ipsita Sen Organizations are always on a look out of development and modifications. It helps them in attaining growth. With development, it does not stick to the yearly profits or the productivity. There are a varied dimensions associated with it. The growth of the company is widely in sync with the development of its employee base. Wondering how? Read this article to know more. Every employee works to help the company in its growth and also earn his remuneration. In this scenario, he utilities his qualification, skills and knowledge. With the passing time, his experience counts as well. But, the industry is ever booming and is changing. Every day, there is a change or some modification in the domains and varied sections. The employee needs go hand in hand with the ever changing trends. This is where importance of training comes into the picture. Every employee needs to learn the emerging trends in the market so that he or she can apply that in his skills. Thus, there is a need to provide learning and development training to the employees. With the passing time, lot of organizations have come into the field of executive coaching India.

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