Lenovo teamed up with Zhang Yimou VR AR content layout, VR sector fruit ninja will be born? Sohu VR market side of the ice is a flame. Shortly before the domestic radical VR company announced layoffs, while Tmall double 11 party scene, Ali as the more than and 600 media manning of a VR helmet, so that we can go shopping in the virtual world, the presence of reporters at VR time come true. Now, the world’s largest PC giant Lenovo on the VR and a new action. Lenovo and Zhang Yimou hand layout VR today, Lenovo Group and SoReal group with the popular monkey brand reached a strategic cooperation in Beijing, Lenovo venture announced a strategic investment in SoReal, the amount of investment has not been announced, but this should be one of the association in the VR AR field generous venture capital investment. In fact, in 2015 the angel angel investment NEKCOM, NEKCOM is the first Chinese company SONY signed in the field of VR game. However, this time is different from the popular investment Lenovo Qitian group and SoReal strategic cooperation with the angels, not just for a game. Like all in the content of the mechanism behind the scenes, when the monkey group is not known, but its co-founder is known to every family. Zhang Yimou co founded; chairman Qi Xiaoceng employed in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and served as the "picture" producer; CEO Wang Lei served as general manager of heavenly splendor, led the "dragon tactic" "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" and other large post production, and won a number of awards. From the team the team founder identity gene content strong, with many films including the works of Zhang Yimou, IP, and the content of planning, film scene operation and effects of the production experience. In addition to the contents of the SoReal business, but also under the cable super body series entertainment experience center. Business scope of popular group monkey more widely involved in the content of science and technology research and development, production, operation and management, investment and construction, brand design and IP authorization number plate. Lenovo and popular monkey group and SoReal brand strategic cooperation, the core reason Lenovo venture investment SoReal is the value of its unique advantages in content, in fact, Lenovo today is not the VR, but before more is at the device level, including the existing VR head mounted display, the AR mobile phone game backpack, Phab2 Pro VR AR equipment. Today with the popular monkey group and SoReal brand is the beginning to strengthen the layout of the content, it is understood that Lenovo will also set up VR AR industry fund, through strategic investment to accelerate the industrial layout in VR AR. Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said: VR AR is an indispensable part of the future of intelligent internet. This technology will let us out of the face of the computer, mobile phones and other smart devices two-dimensional scene, directly into the three-dimensional world, to meet the needs of different people in different places at the same time work, sharing needs. In the era of smart Internet, with smart terminals, equipment is not enough, must be connected with services, content, not learning相关的主题文章: