Lenovo, the former executives made the Pegasus robot drone market adds new game player – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Iraq news recently, consumer level UAVs have added a new game player, Shenzhen Pegasus robot will be launched this week J.ME small uav. Starting from this year, with a small zero intelligence control, howsen, Xinjiang, Samantha, 00 unlimited brand has launched its own new UAV, the UAV market gradually formed a new direction of miniaturization. Brand development: from the B to the C end of the Pegasus robot was founded in February 2015, J.ME UAV is the team’s first consumer UAV products. In March this year, Shenzhen launched launched Pegasus robot industrial grade F1000 UAV and UAV data acquisition and processing system. Previously, Pegasus robot team has won 63 million round of angel investment. Product highlights: small rounded without losing the intelligence it is understood that the J.ME UAV to use lightweight, simple operation, hoping to open up the market more ordinary users, let white users can also enjoy the fun of aerial photography. J.ME design is very smart, sleek, for the aircraft to inject more vitality and intimacy. For entry-level consumer demand, J.ME UAV wheelbase at about 200mm, the overall size of the body and the palm of the hand, portable. J.ME UAV provides augmentation PTZ camera, let the novice record clear, high-quality images. In terms of battery life, J.ME will also have a small breakthrough to solve a lot of small UAV life is short, you need to carry multiple standby battery pain points. According to reports, J.ME battery life will exceed the market similar products, as professional aerial drones, make the user smoother user experience. In addition, this UAV will also use a series of advanced human-computer interaction and intelligent tracking technology to ensure that the average consumer is very concerned about the ease of use and security. J.ME under the fuselage and the side of the design of a number of similar sensors, may have positioning, obstacle avoidance and other functions. Allegedly, this UAV also has a visual tracking function, you can track the object shooting. Background: Lenovo, former executive team of industry level application into the brand team, Pegasus robot by former Lenovo executives and technology experts in the field of human co founded CEO Chen Wenhui, a former vice president of Lenovo Group, Lenovo co-founder Yang Wanli had successfully promoted the hand machine from the function transition to the smart machine. Pegasus robot has been set up soon, but not in the field of UAVs "novice". Pegasus robot dynamic Anxiang predecessor was founded in 2008, has been involved in the Wenchuan earthquake relief work. Founder Zhu Hua Chen Wenhui and Pegasus robot founder and CEO Chen Wenhui Anxiang power is a friend, through Chen Wenhui’s operation, attention to power industry application level Anxiang into Pegasus’s. The new company Pegasus robot inherited accumulation and technical advantages of Anxiang power in the industry, this year has released two industrial grade F1000 and F20 uav.相关的主题文章: