Let go of fruit! These ten rumors don’t pass — Society — people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 9 September, waxed fruit ate cancer? Papaya can breast enhancement? With regard to the fruit of these rumors, you are not "silly not clear"? "Seeking truth" will take you to find out. A rumor, seedless grape cultivation of truth with contraceptives: Horticulture and plant protection, Yangzhou University fruit cultivation expert Ling Yuping pointed out that the seedless grapes with the pill did not the slightest relationship "". Now on the market of seedless grapes, there are two types, one type is the application of genetic breeding, let the grape seed stop development; one is to provide plant hormone for the fruit, this hormone can inhibit the seed development, and promote the growth and development of fruit. Plant hormones do not produce hormonal effects on the human body. Two, edible fruit wax rumor carcinogenic truth: Fruit waxing refers to the fruit skin on edible wax, not only fresh, but also can prevent the microbial encroachment on fruit. If there is no obvious impact on the health of edible wax, but if it is harmful to the industrial wax, so we need to pay more attention to the purchase of fruit. The method of insurance is to peel and eat. Rumor three, children who eat ripened bananas will early truth: bananas and other fruits adding ethylene can accelerate ripening, but did not result in premature children. Fruit in the natural state of growth will also produce ethylene, a large number of consumption is not harmful to the body. Rumors four, watermelon and peaches will be the same to eat the truth: Peking University School of public health, nutrition and food hygiene professor Ma Guansheng pointed out that this argument is no scientific basis. Peach and watermelon are two common summer autumn fruits, they contain nutrients are not special, in addition to water, is the most abundant sugar, it also contains some common components of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, carotene, lycopene, a small amount of protein and fat, rumors pass "eat the deadly" reaction base does not exist, "eat immediately killed" is groundless statement, practice your life has proven this point. Rumor five, chew 5 cherry nuclear poison dizzy an adult truth: Cherry contains nuclear glycosides has no toxic, biological enzymes can be converted into toxic hydrocyanic acid, but the need to point out that a weight of 60 kg adult to eat 4.8 pounds of cherry kernel will appear symptoms of poisoning. Rumor six, watermelon, orange are the truth of the truth: cyclamate is a synthetic sweetener, is a legitimate food additives. Generally, agricultural use, will make the sweetened fruit "sweet" actually refers to a sweetening agent, which belongs to the plant growth regulator, is also a kind of surface spraying foliar fertilizer, harmless to the body, widely used in the world. Rumor seven, Cherry Tomatoes is genetically modified food, edible carcinogenic risk truth: we have Cherry Tomatoes is small good characters of cherry tomato by conventional hybrid back together varieties, are not genetically modified food, there is no risk of cancer. Rumor eight, bayberry worms can not eat the truth: from Yang Meizhong drilled a small white worm, in fact for the Drosophila larvae. In addition to red bayberry, cherry, strawberry相关的主题文章: