Li Keqiang and homes for the elderly to eat dumplings together too small (Figure) pictures pictures pictures pictures and home for the elderly [Li Keqiang] Li Keqiang was too small to eat dumplings together on the 1 day to the center of Ningxia Yuanzhou District of Guyuan City nursing home, and old people together too small. The prime minister and sit beside old horse eat Ancang Hui into the Taiwan, praised the old man ruddy, gave him a bowl of reeky dumpling. Subsequently, Li Keqiang rose up in the hands of the elderly health drinks, wish you a long and happy life. [Li Keqiang Ningxia Guyuan nursing home to send "blessing" "Shou" Li Keqiang on the 1 day to Ningxia Yuanzhou District of Guyuan city center nursing home for elderly people to bring special purchases for the Spring Festival spree. He said, today is the lunar new year, the Spring Festival of the Chinese nation in this important festival, we can not forget the old man. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to give presents to you, the most important is the two words — he personally put the "Fu" "Shou" pendant hanging on the wall. Li Keqiang was too small to visit the nursing home, the old man Hui new clothes] Li Keqiang to help the 78 year old Hui elderly sea Baoting put on new clothes, and careful help him on a button. The 1 day, lunar new year, Li Keqiang came to Ningxia in Yuanzhou District of Guyuan city center nursing home, to see him Baoting, Ma Zhengxiu two old people, and bring them two new clothes as a new year gift. The prime minister on the two said the old man, I wish you health, new year, new weather! [Li Keqiang: drinking water safety is the people’s livelihood project is the development of Engineering Li Keqiang 1 to Ningxia in the city of Guyuan Zhuang reservoir studies on the construction of urban and rural drinking water safety engineering. The area is famous for its arid world, will solve the problem of drinking water reservoir after the completion of 1 million 130 thousand people. The prime minister said that the safety of drinking water is not only the people’s livelihood projects, but also the development of the project, will promote local urbanization. Engineering project, quality first, to withstand the test of history. [Li Keqiang: the construction of major water projects in the poor pull Li Keqiang 1] root braved the cold 10 degrees below zero on Ningxia in the city of Guyuan Zhuang reservoir dam, for urban and rural construction of drinking water safety situation. The prime minister said that due to severe water shortages of bitter history in the world, falling behind poverty, now need to walk in the forefront of poverty. Through the construction of a major livelihood drinking water projects, the root cause of poverty completely pulled out. Editor: Mao min SN184

李克强与敬老院老人一起过小年吃饺子(图) 现场图片 现场图片 现场图片 现场图片   [李克强与敬老院老人一起过小年吃饺子]李克强1日来到宁夏固原市原州区中心敬老院,与老人们在一起过小年。总理与坐在身旁的回族老人马安仓边吃边拉家 常,称赞老人“红光满面”,还给他盛了一碗热气腾腾的饺子。随后,李克强起身举起手中的热饮,祝愿各位老人身体健康,幸福长寿。   [李克强为宁夏固原敬老院送“福”“寿”]李克强1日来到宁夏固原市原州区中心敬老院,给老人们带来年货大礼包。他说,今天是农历小年,在春节这个中华民族重要的节日里,我们不能忘记老人。我代表党中央、国务院给你们带来礼物,最重要的是这两个字――说完他亲手把“福”“寿”挂件挂在墙上。   [李克强过小年走访敬老院,给回族老人送新衣]李克强帮78岁的回族五保老人海保廷穿上新衣,又细心帮他系上纽扣。1日,农历小年,李克强来到宁夏固原市原州区中心敬老院,看望海保廷、马正秀老两口,并给他们带来两件新衣作为新年礼物。总理对两位老人说,祝你们身体健康,新年有新气象!   [李克强:饮水安全既是民生工程也是发展工程]李克强1日到宁夏固原市中庄水库考察城乡饮水安全工程建设。该地区以干旱缺水闻名天下,水库建成后将解决 113万人饮水问题。总理说,饮水安全不仅是民生工程,也是发展工程,将带动当地城镇化进程。百年大计,质量第一,工程要经得起历史检验。   [李克强:建重大饮水工程 拔西海固贫困根子]李克强1日冒着零下10度严寒登上宁夏固原市中庄水库大坝,察看城乡饮水安全工程建设情况。总理说,西海固因严重缺水苦甲天下,历史上 落在贫困最后面,现在要走在脱贫最前列。要通过建设好重大民生饮水工程,彻底拔掉西海固贫困的根子。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: