Li Yongbo named the country feather new cycle will be the future top stone Yu-chi singles match Zhongyu Chen long lost 0-2 Jorgensen Olympic Games after the first show in Fuzhou in November 20th (second harvest Tencent sports paper Zhang Nan) 2016 China badminton tournament into the final day. As the new Olympic Games held in China, the Chinese badminton team performance is not ideal, not a gold medal, creating the worst performance in the history of China open. Head coach Li Yongbo also commented on the new period of the team, just for the succession of young players, in the ability that he still has a certain strength. But at the same time, he also believes that these young players in the experience is not enough, the state is not stable, still need time to grow. Li Yongbo (Figure) young players already have the strength to beat the old team but the lack of experience and stability of the initial period of the Olympic cycle, the team in the structure is very special. 90 years ago, the team members have retired, and 90 years to 95 years transition player and very little, almost all is the start of a new cycle after 95 players play the leading role, this is indeed with the previous team structure is different. Speaking of this situation, the head coach Li Yongbo said that before the young players score points on time is not appropriate. "The young players have been members of the old pressure in a cycle, and in the World Badminton Federation signed a ranking requirements, a state can not avoid, resulting in a lot of young players in international competitions or their encounter, or face the old players, may be knocked out early, no chance to show myself." Li Yongbo said, in fact, as early as in the last Olympic cycle of these young players have a very strong capacity, such as the Rio Olympics closed training camp in Chengdu before, Shi Yuqi had beaten Lin Dan several times, and Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan also beat too Yang Tang Yuanting, Zheng Si also won the Zhang Nan Chen Qingchen – Zhao Yunlei. It is therefore, the beginning of the Olympic cycle, many old players also chose to retire. Old players retired is not because they are old, but because they do know that they beat, but rather than leaving this place, it is better to give young players a chance to retire." Li Yongbo said that this year with Zhang Ning left to nature is not the same, when the Athens Olympic Games Zhang Ning was also to the retirement age, but because she still has the very strong strength, so Li Yongbo encouraged her to leave, Zhang Ning eventually won the Beijing Olympic champion. For these young players, the performance of the game, Li Yongbo think everyone’s performance is also good: can not say very good. A few races each project is young players assume the role of the level of the whole beam, have the championship level. But after all, they are still young, the experience is not so rich, it is not very stable. From the competition point of view, there are also some accidental factors. But in front of them are experienced players, to achieve such results, that our future is still promising, as long as the time to accumulate more experience, will be better." Chen long to Tokyo will be the future top stone Yu-chi singles for the transition period, Li Yongbo also made a comment on the country feather team of several outstanding players. First of all, about Chen long, Li Yongbo said he was still.相关的主题文章: