Fashion-Style Charm bracelets are jewelry items worn around the wrist. It has decorative pendants and personal charms that signify important things in the wearers life. Charm wearing begun as a form of talisman to keep off bad lack and evil spirits. In the ancient pre- historical period charm bracelets used to be made from animal bones, clay and shells. Later, as the art continued to develop people started making them from rocks, wood and gems. There is evidence that these adornments were used 75,000 years ago in South Africa. In Egypt, bracelet charms were used to symbolize luck and faith. They are also used for identification purposes. Closely related to the charm bracelet is the friendship bracelet which became very popular in the 1980s. A friendship bracelet is one which is given by one person to another as a sign of friendship. It was not to be removed at any time, it was worn until when it became worn out and fell off by itself. Wishes were usually made when wearing the bracelet for the first time and it was believed that they would .e true when the bracelet fell off. Removal of the bracelet before it got worn out was a sign that the friendship had gone bad. Friendship bracelets are usually hand made from thread or embroidery thread. There are various styles and patterns that can be used having most of them based on the simple half notch. The amount of thread used may vary time to time depending on the pattern that is being used. The smallest pattern is referred to as the double chain knot; this pattern normally requires two strings. The candy stripe type can have as many as forty strings depending on the thickness one desires and can also have as few as 3 strings. In the United States friendship bracelets first became popular in the 70s and are mostly worn by teenagers of both sexes. Friendship bracelets can be simply made by following these simple steps: 1.Strands of embroidery threads are collect depending on the color one desires. Measure and cut the strand. It is important to note that you need to have at least three strings to be able to make a bracelet, but the number of threads can vary depending on the thickness one desires. 2.Tie the ends of the thread and fasten. Spread out the threads so that from left to right arranging the colors in the order in which you desire them to be. 3.Knot the thread to the extreme thread around the thread to its right, loop it over the second strand and then around the back and lastly through the loop you earlier created. Repeat this procedure until you have the desired length. Tie the loose ends of the string into a knot and trim all the loose ends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: