Business Birthdays are monumental happenings that we generally observe. It makes another year of our life as we take brand new responsibilities as we age. Birthday celebrations vary depending on who’s celebrating it. One of the most cheerful birthday bashes is the very first birthday. Of course, we always make sure that we will always remember our first. So, for it to very memorable, promotional product should always be present. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to throw in a party with too much giveaways. Thank goodness, there are cheap promotional products that can be disseminated to participants. Candy- Candy is a sweet and a cheap promotional giveaway. First birthdays are always for children. Kids want sweets. The logic itself explicates why candy is a great low-cost promotional item for a party like your child’s first birthday. More than that, candy can be outlined according to your desire. You can shape it as a cartoon character, print the name of your baby or have his/her photo embossed on it. With such customized approach in presenting candy, it will surely mark in the memories of those who were invited. Balloons- Parties will never be the same with balloons. Balloon is an inexpensive promotional material that most kids are dying to get one after each party. In fact, there are some who throw their peeveishness if they didn’t have the chance to get one. Balloons often hold just the name of the celebrator, the birth date and the sponsor of party, but you can customize it by adding up a digital image of your child. There are specialty outlets that can offer that service. However, it is a bit expensive so just opt for those custom balloons that .e in assorted colors. Party Hats- .plete the kid’s party costume with customized party hats. Most party hats are .posed of paper and printed with different cartoon character. Making the children tap which character they like is a fun part other the games and the candle blowing ceremony. Napkins and Utensils- You can also emboss napkins and utensils like paper plates and disposable cups the happy birthday message. This is also a low-cost promotional item that would suit your budget and at the same time can amplify the party’s excitement among kids. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: