Made in China   five domestic PSVR games announced scheduled for release in October – People’s game with the release of PlayStation VR day (October 13th) approaching, more and more information about the PS VR has been open. Recently, China’s game publisher oasis game released on the official micro-blog PlayStation 5 PS VR game, it is worth mentioning that these 5 games are produced by Chinese developers. The following is the details of the five game developers: Ace Banana: Beijing TVR time machine release date: October has completed a shooting game, a single player and multiplayer options. In the Ace Banana game player will play as a Archer, banana monkey repel attack, in order to protect the other banana. From the themes and styles, this is a casual game, but the gameplay of the game is to use the PS Move to be the bow, and aim at the monkey shooting. Dying: Reborn developer: Wuhan bell air release date: Winter Games this is a puzzle game first person style dark, the purpose is to escape the room game player. The same as the traditional escape game, the game players also need to investigate around, and collect props, in order to pull out the chamber. The game will also log on to PS4 and PSV. Mixip developer: Beijing TVR time machine release date: October game player through two PS Move controller to control the two ships traveling in the vastness of the universe, by avoiding aircraft fired barrage, and upgrade their weapons, beat BOSS, the ability of two spacecraft in the course of the game can also be obtained through more fitting. Pixel Gear developers: developers: Arcangelo Nemo interactive sale date: October a panoramic 3D pixel style shooting game, game player will use the first person perspective and cartoon monsters and ghosts. There is a scene that can interact with each other. The player can not only upgrade the weapon, but also gain the ability to slow down or even stop the game. Weeping Doll developer: Shanghai day house culture release date: October this is a scary adventure story: dolls live! Players in a villa, here are all the discomfort of the dolls, and these dolls are to abuse her daughter’s parents to retaliate. In such a terrible environment with first person vision to explore and slowly discover the amazing truth of the story. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: