Qiang Wei: to ensure that poor people out of poverty — as old local leaders — people.com.cn original title: in a more strict style and more practical initiatives to ensure that poor old people out of poverty as scheduled in January 31st, braving the cold rain, a muddy, (Jiangxi) provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei came to Ji’an County, visit the poor people and the research of poverty alleviation work. He stressed that poverty to win the battle, to speed up the development of the old, is the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Xi Jinping gave the solemn mission and our sacred mission. We should follow the three three real strict requirements more stringent, more practical style and initiatives, further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping hope, a focus on three important requirements, and resolutely put the Party Central Committee and provincial Party committee’s decision to deploy and implement the stem into practice, to ensure that the old on the difficulties of the masses out of poverty, with real in the performance history of revolutionary martyrs and comfort. Accompanied by the Provincial Standing Committee, provincial Party committee secretary Hong Zhu investigation. The rain pattering Luoxiao mountains a more cold mountain. Qiang Wei village to go home, tramp over mountains and through ravines, sent to the warmth of the party and the government. Located at the junction of three counties of Tianhe town Ji’an County Cypress Village impoverished village. In Yang Wushan and other poor households, and they sit with Qiang Wei, a bench, about family, industry income and poverty reduction plan. He encouraged everyone to win, the CPC Central Committee made the strategic deployment of poverty alleviation war, cities and counties issued a series of policies and measures, you need to have firm confidence, inspire the poverty of ambition courage, completely cut off the roots of poverty. Visit the poor, look at the truth. Before the Spring Festival last year, in the demonstration to promote the province’s above Qiang Wei, deputy provincial leadership before the Spring Festival visits with deep poverty point of contact for research and write a report. This year, continue to deepen the work of Qiang wei. He did not make arrangements in advance, themselves from the Poverty Alleviation Office of the impoverished village of poor households in the archives were selected randomly from 3 villages of 8 households survey. In Wan Zhen Ling Xia Cun Luo Yingen, poor households, with participatory data Qiang Wei, carefully check the information, and inspect the water and sanitation situation. He pointed out that, in accordance with the provincial "guide to real, solid work, solid style of work" requirement, to get rid of poverty is the biggest achievement in a pragmatic style, a powerful measure to help poor people pick poor hat. In Ao town red village, Qiang Wei visited a few poor households in the village hall held a forum to listen to opinions and suggestions. He pointed out that the three three real strict requirement to promote the work of poverty alleviation, the base to clear, clear, clear, clear responsibility to measure; to strengthen the organization and guidance, scientific planning, good policy, good industrial poverty, poverty alleviation, relocation security poverty three battle. To strive to create a lively situation, people aspire to lead a strong Party organization and the whole society to participate in the assault, the circle fully synchronized well-off dream of happiness. At the end of the forum has nearly 20. The villagers had gathered in front of the ancestral hall, the elderly Zhu Duan is making a speech on the symposium that everyone thinking: do it, we must be able to drum up the bag of money, welcome the strong Secretary to look at new changes in our next year. (reporter Liu Yong)

强卫:确保老区贫困群众如期脱贫–地方领导–人民网 原标题:以更严更实的作风和举措 确保老区贫困群众如期脱贫   1月31日,冒着寒雨,踏着泥泞,(江西)省委书记强卫来到吉安县走访慰问贫困群众并调研脱贫攻坚工作。他强调,打赢脱贫攻坚战,加快老区发展,是党中央和习近平总书记赋予我们的庄严任务和神圣使命。我们要按照“三严三实”的要求,以更严更实的作风和举措,更加深入贯彻习近平总书记“一个希望、三个着力”重要要求,坚决把党中央、省委的决策部署落到实处、干到实处,确保老区困难群众如期脱贫,以实实在在的成绩告慰历史和革命先烈。   省委常委、省委秘书长朱虹陪同调研。   淅沥冬雨令罗霄山脉的一座座山岭更显冷峻。翻山越岭,强卫走村入户,送去党和政府的温暖。地处三县交界的天河镇柏树坑村是吉安县最贫困的村组。在杨武善等贫困户家,强卫与他们坐同一条板凳,聊家庭情况、产业收入和脱贫打算。他鼓励大家,党中央作出了打赢脱贫攻坚战的战略部署,省市县出台了系列政策措施,你们要坚定信心,鼓舞起脱贫致富的志气勇气,彻底斩断穷根。   访真贫、看真情。去年春节前,在强卫示范推动下,全省副省级以上领导结合春节前走访深入扶贫联系点作调研并撰写报告。今年,强卫继续深化这一工作。他不让事先安排,自己从扶贫办的贫困村贫困户档案中随机选了3个村的8户人家调研。在万福镇岭下村罗银根等贫困户家中,强卫拿出建档立卡资料仔细核对信息,并察看改水改厕情况。他指出,要按照省委“导向要实、工作要实、作风要实”的要求,以脱贫攻坚为最大政绩,以务实作风、有力举措帮助贫困群众摘贫脱帽。   在敖城镇赤山村,强卫走访了几户贫困户后在村祠堂召开座谈会听取意见建议。他指出,以“三严三实”要求推进脱贫攻坚工作,底数要清、情况要清、措施要清、责任要清;要加强组织引导、科学规划,用好政策,打好产业扶贫、搬迁扶贫、保障扶贫三大攻坚战。要努力形成党组织坚强引领、群众立志攻坚、全社会踊跃参与的生动局面,共圆全面同步小康幸福梦。   座谈会结束时已近20时。村民们一直聚拢在祠堂门前,长者朱端正在座谈会上的发言道出了大家心声:这样干下去,一定能把我们的钱袋子鼓起来,欢迎强书记明年来看看我们的新变化。(记者刘勇)相关的主题文章: