Sales New Scenery staffers attend a lot of conventions, annual meetings and other trade shows. On behalf of our clients, we tread the carpets roughly 100 times a year. Today’s 3 Tips present our hard-earned re.mendations for getting good value from hours and dollars spent on trade shows and conventions. 1) Choose your events carefully. You know your market, your clients, and your .petition for the most profitable accounts (if this is not true for you, please call or email New Scenery Sales for a bid. We can help you to figure it out). "We’ve always sent everyone to _________" is no reason to continue investing in a particular show or event if there are no sales flowing from it. If it’s a new event for you, ask about options to present your knowledge about a timely topic in a lecture, panel or workshop. In giving away value to attendees, you build your credibility and market share when your .pany can display assets in some forum other than an exhibition hall. 2) Have a game plan for the event. -Set an agenda for each contact your staff make. If you have a new product, version or service package since last year, make sure all your people know to mention it. Make it clear to your booth staff that they were brought here to produce quality information, not a pile of data that is a mix of dross and gold. Teach them how to say goodbye to a prospect who is currently not qualified, then make sure they send those non-leads away. It’s okay to disqualify on the show floor–there is no cheaper time to find out that the person who just wants the red hat is NOT a lead than right now. Don’t let your salespeople follow up to learn this. 3) Efficiently handle all the data you gathered. Have a plan for how you’re going to pass out the leads. Ideally, this plan will be integrated with your event game plan and motivate all your sales staff to follow the qualification guidelines…because the great prospect they’re handling perfectly could be their own new customer. Think through the staffing, hours and data collection tools you’re using from a high level. Of course, sometimes we get to put these to work firsthand, when our clients need support on-site. If you’d like us to help, we can do that. Call for a conversation about how we can staff your booth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: