"Maleka" the impact of Zhejiang to maintain the anti taiwan flood III level response "Meranti" left, "Maleka" followed, will enter the East China Sea in 17 days. According to the Zhejiang provincial meteorological department forecast, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" within 17 days of our province will have a significant impact. Sheng Fangzhi pointed out that the defense "malakas" has 4 disadvantages: one is the intensity of typhoon, the typhoon is expected to gradually strengthen the strength of the strongest, to reach super typhoon level (15 to 16). Two, the uncertainty of typhoon is large, and the "Maleka" strength and path still have great uncertainty due to the interaction between the high altitude circulation and typhoon. Three is the most recent astronomical tide this year, wind and rain tide meet, combination is very bad. The four is the province by the early "Meranti" serious invasion, again by "malakas" influence, may aggravate the disaster. In this regard, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the current flood prevention and control work carried out deployment. At present, Sheng Fangzhi continue to maintain the anti taiwan flood III level emergency response, and on 16 at noon issued "on the sixteenth typhoon (malakas) Notice" defense work, the deployment of the defense work. Notification requirements, is currently at the Mid Autumn Festival holiday and astronomical tide period, all localities and departments should carefully analyze the "malakas" could bring rain, wind, tidal influence and harm, to the worst, the most fully prepared to make efforts to organize the typhoon defense work. To strengthen the emergency duty, closely monitor the development and change trend of typhoons, strengthen monitoring and forecasting, timely organize consultation and analysis. To implement the typhoon security measures, strengthen the safety management of water conservancy projects, strengthen the management of key areas and weak links, and do a good job in emergency rescue preparations.

“马勒卡”今起影响浙江 维持防台防汛III级响应“莫兰蒂”刚走,“马勒卡”紧随其后,将在17日进入东海。据浙江省气象部门预报,今年第16号台风“马勒卡”17日起将对我省产生明显影响。省防指指出,防御“马勒卡”有4个不利因素:一是台风强度大,预计台风强度逐渐加强,最强可达超强台风级(15至16级)。二是台风不确定性大,受高空环流和台风间相互作用影响,“马勒卡”强度和路径仍有很大不确定性。三是近期正值今年最强天文大潮期,风雨浪潮碰头,组合十分恶劣。四是我省前期受“莫兰蒂”严重侵袭,再次遭受“马勒卡”影响,有可能加重灾害。对此,省委、省政府高度重视,对当前防台防汛工作进行了部署。省防指目前继续维持防台防汛III级应急响应,并于16日中午发出《关于做好第16号台风(马勒卡)防御工作的通知》,部署相关防御工作。通知要求,目前正处中秋小长假和天文大潮期,各地各部门要认真分析“马勒卡”可能带来的风、雨、潮影响及危害,从最坏处着想,作最充分准备,全力组织做好台风防御的各项准备工作。要强化应急值守,密切监视台风发展变化动向,加强监测预报,及时组织会商分析。要落实海上防台风保安措施,强化水利工程安全管理,加强重点区域和薄弱环节管理,做好应急抢险准备。相关的主题文章: