Man: like a stone found tourism Hericium days before Rongxian man Fan Yanchao true to life, travel to Mount Emei on the way, I found a special stone, about 15 cm in diameter, irregular spherical shape, because the surface has a white pattern, making the whole stone looks like a monkey’s head, amazing. Mr. Fan told the Chengdu Daily reporter, in July 30th, he and his friends went to Emei Mountain after a man named big ditch places, "at that time, we are ready to stroll in the river, the Creek for a stone." Mr. Fan said he randomly moved a stone, was ready to sit down, stand beside the friend reminded him: "you this stone is easy". Two people looking intently, the stone like a hedgehog, true to life. Subsequently, Mr. Fan Stone Home collection. Fan Yanchao is a high school teacher, the stone home, he invited to teach colleagues to help identify geography. According to his colleagues, the formation of the stone at the beginning, it should be composed of two kinds of different magma composition; the top of the white spiral pattern, the preliminary estimate is the shell and the like of the ancient organisms were formed after the formation of lava. Source: cntour2相关的主题文章: