Travel-and-Leisure Vaishno devi has always been one of the popular pilgrimage destination where millions of devotees head every year. Unlike the many pilgrim spots in India the Vaishno Devi which is situated in north of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a shrine situated 5, 300 ft above. The cave shrine is situated exactly 61 kms away from Jammu and the last 13 Kms of the journey has to be .pleted by pilgrims via foot. Although there are other facilities available to travel to the shrine many prefer taking the blessings of goddess via foot. This shows their utmost devotion towards the goddess. We often wonder is it necessary to go on a pilgrimage, but pilgrimages should not be done in force. Only if a person is interested in doing that he must go for it. People go on pilgrimages because that gives them eternal happiness and bliss. In this corrupt and tension filled life the only thing that can give peace is visiting a holy shrine which is Vaishno Devi. Many people make it a point to walk till the cave shrine while few other people who have health issues take pony. These days there are helicopters available that helps pilgrims reach the Vaishno devi shrine quickly and easily. There is a different thrill in taking the blessings of goddess via helicopter and to take Vaishno devis blessings, all you need to do is meet at the arrival point at the airport and then drive to Helipad Katra by car or any other local vehicle. You will then safely land to a destination from where you can easily take the blessings of goddess.Earlier however the facilities were not as good as the ones available today. People earlier used to walk miles to get one glimpse f the cave goddess. But all thanks to the transport system. As we know Jammu is one place which connects to other places very easily many pilgrims make sure to travel to the shrine via Jammu. A Vaishno devi helicopter yatra in itself sounds very exciting. Those people who have never in their life travelled via flight or helicopter would have a great experience travelling by it.An advantage of visiting the Vaishno devi by helicopter is it saves time. Though it is a bit costly it helps pilgrims reach their destination easily without any difficulty. The ac.modations near the temple too are very easily available so travellers need not worry about their stay. All kinds of classic, economy and luxury hotels are available and the booking for these can be done online very easily. During off season the crowd is .paratively less so you could plan your journey accordingly and visit the temple. Doing a Vaishno devi helicopter yatra during off season would again reduce your travel costs. So now that you know how to travel to the shrine make sure you plan out your pilgrimage properly well in advance in order to avoid last moment risks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: