Dry cargo breastfeeding knowledge – Sohu maternal breastfeeding how long the best WHO, at the age of 6 months prior to breastfeeding, 6 months to 2 years or even longer period of time, to continue breastfeeding at the same time, to add other foods. Weaning the baby is best in the 8 months to the age of 1 years later. If the baby to eat milk at the same time, add a food supplement, and accept the food in good condition, can also postpone weaning. Of course, adhere to the natural from the milk is also possible. However, if the baby’s physical condition is poor or sick, especially allergic or intestinal problems of the baby, it is recommended that the mother breast-feeding to 1 years of age, which is conducive to the baby’s physical recovery. In general, if the mother in 8 months when the baby fully weaned, then you can start from 6 months, gradually reduce the number of lactation, and to replace food. In addition, we must pay attention to weaning season, the best choice of the spring and autumn two seasons, when the temperature is not high not low, more suitable for weaning the baby, the baby is also easy to adapt. Working moms breastfeeding time: now the latest regulations of China maternity leave for 98 days, which means that many new mothers in the lactation period to go to work. For working mothers, breastfeeding to the age of 1 is the best. In the workplace mother before going to work by hand or pump the bottle to squeeze the milk sterilized, and then stored in the refrigerator. When the baby is hungry, require feeding time, the family can help the milk with water slowly warm, then give the baby to eat. In addition, once the breast milk has been heated, even if not feeding, it can not be refrigerated, must be discarded, do not give up. Because of the repeated heating of breast milk, the baby is not good. In fact, a great way to continue breastfeeding is a mother and baby let work to maintain close relations with the baby, my mother did not make up for the time together, so the workplace breastfeeding mother should pay attention to the time, not because of work relations premature baby weaning. Breastfeeding breastfeeding how long how long to add complementary feeding? Breastfeeding mother, best baby breastfeeding to 6 months after beginning to add complementary. Because breast milk can satisfy all nutrients before the baby 6 months including water, after 6 months as the baby grow taller, need more nutrition, so from 6 months later to add a food supplement. Complementary addition to step by step, first from the water (water dish, fruit paste (water) to Rice noodles, banana, sweet potato mud, Mashed Potato, pumpkin, and fish live paste mud), and then to the gruel, rotten rice, boiled noodles, and slowly transition to normal meal, it will be about 1 and a half years old. Note that less than 1 years old baby less salt and sugar diet, because the delicate kidney and liver can not afford too salty sweet food. Eat less and eat more, do not give the baby to eat too much, every time a small amount of slowly began to increase the amount of egg white easy to allergies, it is best to wait until the baby after the age of one year to give him to eat the whole egg. Breast feeding how long with milk powder some mothers are very curious, breast feeding how long milk powder? In fact, if the mother’s milk as long as adequate, baby breastfeeding to 6 months later, you can gradually add complementary, micro相关的主题文章: