Melbourne immigrant Chinese woman tells the mentality of the furnace – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to Australian news report, since 1835, the development course of Melbourne deeply carved immigration mark. Especially in recent years, the size of Melbourne immigrants showed a rapid growth momentum, and this trend is expected to continue in the next few years. In this regard, as one of the many immigrants in Melbourne Chinese woman Liao Wei (Wei Liao, transliteration) deep experience, said Melbourne is her dream. Melbourne accounted for 13 of the total population of immigrants "Herald Sun" reported on 13, the latest data show that in Melbourne the total population, the proportion of immigrants has reached about 13, at the same time, as many as 45% people in Melbourne were born overseas. At present, the average annual population of Melbourne increased by about 90 thousand people, of which up to 23 of the population of overseas immigrants, and the future of Melbourne to live or work overseas immigrants will continue to grow at a high proportion. Specifically, in recent years, immigrants to Melbourne, more than half of the population of immigrants from Asia, where the highest proportion of immigrants in India and china. The growth of overseas migration is rapidly changing the city map of Melbourne, the rapid expansion of urban boundaries. Chinese woman enjoying life in Melbourne at the age of 31, Liao Wei has spent years living in Australia, she met with her from China, Mr. Australia on the plane, then she moved to Australia, came to Melbourne. She said, "Melbourne is the most beautiful city, this is what I have heard. Melbourne is the first place in my dream life." Liao Weixian, who worked for the immigration service AMES, had lived in a busy city like Beijing, China, and she said she liked Melbourne’s lifestyle. Everything here is in a more relaxed and comfortable state, I do not have too much pressure, enjoy the state of life." She said, "here, you are free to make choices, and you can have a lot of leisure time." Immigration to Australia for different reasons according to a AMES survey released in 2013 showed that when asked about the main reason of immigrants in Australia, about 13 of the respondents said the most important immigrant here more comfortable lifestyle, 26% of respondents said immigration to the future of their children, and another 20% of the respondents said here. The high degree of social security. In addition, in the course of the investigation, many immigrants also expressed a sense of helplessness, such as missing the family. MS Liao said that she is now the biggest regret is not to live together with their loved ones. According to the 2011 census data, the population of China is mostly concentrated in the new suburbs. The District of Clayton is the highest proportion of immigrants in Melbourne, where 70% of the population was born overseas. Followed by Springvale (68.8%), Melbourne CBD (68.1%), Dandenong (67%), Clayton South (64.6%), Carlton ().相关的主题文章: