Men Zhuantou luxury car rearview mirror blackmail message: give me money to redeem the newspaper news (reporter Dong Shijie) yesterday morning, the Public Security Bureau police squadron of the new West conference room table placed on the mirror surface of 9 luxury cars, all of these were stolen. The evening of October 26th, the perpetrators man was arrested by the police in Weiming Street area, police have cracked rearview mirror stolen extortion owners 55 cases, involving more than 30 yuan. Police investigators said, at the beginning of October, another people to the new police squadron report, said his car was stolen at night in front of the mirror, the car is also close to the note, top write: "want to redeem the mirror, please add micro signal, give me money!" It is understood that the suspect specifically looking for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover and other luxury cars start. If you go to the 4S shop for a new mirror, expensive, many people had to compromise, in accordance with the requirements of the suspect, will be 800 yuan to 1000 yuan to call each other. The suspect will send three hidden mirror mirror back to the place, so that owners get back mirror. However, the majority of the owners chose the alarm. The new police squadron after receiving the alarm, monitoring the transfer of street, basically locked the suspect. This person alone, no fixed residence. In October 26th, police in the West Street area Weiming arrested. After hearing that, the suspect Taomou criminal record, fled to the capital, stolen luxury car rearview mirror, a month more than 50 cases of crime, extortion successfully more than 10.相关的主题文章: