The man died of electric shock – high voltage line training in Chaohu hang glider Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported on the 24 day at 16 PM, Chaohu City, a man in high-altitude paragliding training, accidentally hanging on the air pressure line, was killed by electric shock. It is understood that the man was a member of the China Aerospace sports association. More than 16 points in the afternoon, someone called the police near the Chaohu father Chishan, have someone in the high-pressure line killed by electric shock, after the incident, the area police and fire rushed to the scene, 120. Near the scene is a piece of farmland, a few meters high air high-voltage lines, the high-voltage wire through a transformer side, people find a man, the man had no response, the man who wrapped the rope, the other end of the rope holding a red glider. After cutting off the power supply line, rescue workers climbed the pole, the man rescued down, unfortunately, the man has died. It is understood that the man surnamed Shi, 40 years old this year, nanjing. In the afternoon, danmou and several other members of the spontaneous organization of paragliding activity near Chaohu Qishan, unfortunate tragedy.相关的主题文章: