[micro]? Clinic science: cervical intraspinal tumor symptoms of what health Sohu – Hello, I am Yan Yi Department of Neurosurgery First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University doctor, [micro · welcome to see us in this free clinic;] today we are going to, is the story of intraspinal tumor. Intraspinal tumors may be compared with friends who hear the degenerative disease of the spine, such as cervical spondylosis, disc herniation, spinal bone hyperplasia and so on, to be more strange. Because the incidence of intraspinal tumors is much lower than that of spinal degenerative diseases. However, there are many similarities between the clinical manifestations of the patients with intraspinal tumors and the common cervical spondylosis and disc herniation. The similar symptoms of intraspinal tumors in clinical patients were more likely to be misdiagnosed, because once the occurrence of lumbocrural pain or upper extremity weakness, lower extremity weakness symptoms, may have been as treatment of cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease. Because of this, we have a certain understanding of intraspinal tumors. Treatment of spinal canal was misdiagnosed as cervical spondylosis, whether or not symptomatic treatment, in fact, for patients, are more dangerous than patients with true cervical spondylosis. The reason is that the tumor and intervertebral disc is not the same, the tumor will be sexual development, progressive growth of the spinal cord, the impact of oppression will continue to increase. To understand the intraspinal tumor, we must first understand the spinal canal. The canal is actually a cavity surrounded by the spine with spinal cord and nerve in walking, if the growth of intraspinal tumors, will form a very obvious compression of the spinal cord, the most serious situation may cause the paralysis, so the patient will appear some pain, numbness and other symptoms in the early days, that is we said in the spine clinical symptoms of spinal cord compression. From the cervical spinal tumor is, compression symptoms may not only affect the lower limb, but also affect the upper limb, many patients with neck pain, cervical pain, shoulder hand and other parts of the pain and numbness of limbs, symptoms of fatigue.相关的主题文章: