"Pei Miss" opening theme bus with Burton wind Halloween Sina entertainment news has been exposed from the stills and notice, released in December 2nd of the "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" in the face of twin dolls, amusement park, "Pelosi Miss EVA" skeleton Green’s dress is very suitable for halloween. It is reported that there will be a "Miss Pei’s fantasy Castle" theme bus around Beijing, if you see the car stopped, may wish to knock on the door to find Miss Pei to candy. Director Tim Burton, who directed "Edward Scissorhands", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "big fish", "Alice in Wonderland" and other classic works, his works are very role in the modeling and scene art and Gothic dark fairy tale style, known as the "Burton style of aesthetics". For Halloween, last week we held a small "Pelosi Miss" halloween themed beauty tea. On the same day in accordance with the "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" elements in the production of refined tea in the afternoon to the scene of the beauty of people praise, as many people said: "really want to see this movie, because the movie elements in a cute, eye-opening people". Day activities also exhibited a pair of films in the lead female hydrogen lead shoes, causing a lot of people competing to take pictures. "Miss Pei’s fantasy Castle" mainly tells Jack’s grandfather from the time of his childhood, he would often say the bedside story to him, there are many children with special abilities in the story of Jack. Grandpa after the mysterious death, leaving about this belong to another world all the mystery of clues, Jack followed these clues into the mysterious world, found that this group of strange children exist, they live here is the variation in order to avoid the terrible monster will eat the eyes. With the arrival of Jack, the danger arrived at the same time, Jack needs to work with these children, against the dark forces. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" by Butterfield Green, Asha EVA Samuel, starring Jackson et al. Asha Butterfield starred in "Ande’s game", "Hugo" and other films are China audience familiar, is the Hollywood the popularity of the small guy, he starred in "miss Jack Pelosi fantasy Castle" in the film, the angel incarnation of mystery. Won the "crack", "play", "dream of Paris 007: Battle Royale" and other films popular goddess class actress EVA Green, in the role of the film is the care of children’s house in the castle. And starred in "the Avengers", "ace agents: agents Institute" Samuel Jackson once again played a perfect terrible villain. This film is known as the "fantasy version of" X ", tells the story of X-Men" ability children’s adventure, fly girl, mouth long behind the girl, Lolita, vigorously will eat the child eyes monster and character, plus time (loop time circle) the burning brain set with this kind of fantasy the fairy tale together, created this year all pro segment audience expectations for eye-opening fantasy. (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: