Mom a stupid decision, so that 1 month old baby suffering from epilepsy! Sohu mother and child, there is a cold, called your mother always feel cold." Young people at a word, but out of the most Chinese mother for fear of cold in children. If there is no accident, a year and a half of young Jun (a pseudonym) should be able to speak to walk. Xiao Jun 40 days, when he was sleeping quilt cover injury, diagnosed as cover syndrome: more than 10 times a day seizures, brain damage, can not speak can not walk. 40 days old baby boy was sleeping quilt cover injury to Changsha for a week, and now the hands and feet of Xiao Jun can move, the original straight, can not bend." Grandpa left hand holding a young man, his right hand to help Xiao Jun activities hand and foot. February 2nd, for the summer home is a big day, the arrival of the young man to bring home a lively. Xia Jiyue introduced his son to work in Zhejiang, a monthly salary of 3000 yuan, the daughter is fellow. After the birth of young Jun, followed by her mother in her grandmother’s life, my father is still working outside. The unfortunate thing happened on the fortieth day after the baby was born. The lunar calendar in February, winter is not completely in the past. In the morning, Xiao Jun mother up, saw her pretty little head but no movement, the quilt. Small pretty mother opened the quilt, was a scene in front of frightened little Jun: sweating, face red. At first, the family thought that only a small fever, to the hospital and found that the situation is much more serious than imagined. The first people’s Hospital of Huaihua will be diagnosed as the condition of the "cover syndrome", the symptoms are: hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, severe bronchial pneumonia, septic shock, multiple organ failure. After 11 days of the rescue, Xiao Jun out of danger, but the doctor told Xiao Jun family, due to severe brain damage, Xiao Jun is likely a lifelong persistent vegetative state. I said to the doctor, I don’t want to listen to your verdict, as long as there is hope, try to cure." Grandpa’s insistence in exchange for the improvement of the situation of Xiao Jun. When discharged, Xiao Jun had no obvious convulsions, fever, shortness of breath and other symptoms, can eat normal size. "Covered by syndrome" more than 1 years of age under the birth of the baby, especially just born newborn. Although the physiological activities of the baby has started, but the respiratory and central temperature regulation is still not perfect, poor adaptability to the external environment, if the clothing or Mongolia was too warm to sleep, will be due to high temperature sweat, pale, high fever, convulsions, coma, and even may affect the development of the nervous system; such as baby long time of coma and the convulsion times frequency, it will cause mental dullness, epilepsy and other serious complications. Particularly severe, and even death due to respiratory failure. Remind, 1 to 3 month old baby to sleep with the best parents bed, prevent the occurrence of parents or cover the body to suppress such accidents. The baby is not built over warm, nor the blanket cover, do not cover the head in the quilt, hot water bag should be far away from the skin. In the event of "cover syndrome" is the best way to timely medical treatment. Most of the early education, parenting, parenting,)相关的主题文章: