Money does not rent   Park Panpei sister high "loss" – International – picture Seoul Central District Court ruled 9, because not agreed to the lessee to lease land, President Park Geun hye sister Park Jinling to compensate the other party for 131 million won (about 795 thousand yuan). Yonhap quoted the plaintiff saying Jinling promised to park the lessee rent a block located in the eastern part of Seoul, an area of 1652 square meters of land, and reached a lease with the other party in the August 2009 20 year lease contract. According to the contract, the lessee has advanced to the park Jinling pay 300 million won (1 million 821 thousand yuan) of the rent, and promised the annual payment of 1 million won (6067.8 yuan) rent. However, Portsmouth Jinling did not fulfill the contract, did not provide the land to the other. In October 2010, two years after Jinling Park returned the other 269 million won (1 million 632 thousand yuan), but the rest has been in arrears. The Seoul Central District Court ruled that Portsmouth Jinling required to return the remaining arrears, and pay 100 million won (607 thousand yuan) in damages. Park Geun hye parents have three children, including the eldest daughter Pu Jinhui, daughter and son Portsmouth Zhiwan Jinling portsmouth. Portsmouth Jinling inconsistent with the position of many events in sister Park, even on political issues with Park Geun hye openly. In 2008, despite her family’s objections, she married her husband, who was 14 years younger than her. The relationship between the sisters has been tense. In recent years, Jinling park to eat a lot of lawsuit. Late last year, she was fined 5 million yuan ($30 thousand) for fraud. Last month, prosecutors confirmed that prosecutors responsible for the investigation of assistant to the president and his family involved in corruption rumors have been proposed, on suspicion of fraud charges a formal investigation Jinling portsmouth. She was accused of taking advantage of family influence, accepting huge sums of money. Earlier, Pu Jinhui’s cousin was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes. Park Geun hye’s cousin surnamed Yin, aged 77, was a member of parliament. In August 13th, Gyeonggi Do District Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of taking bribes to the court to arrest yinmou, 19 the court approved. Yin I denied bribery, prosecutors nearly a step to investigate, and then prosecute. (Du Juan) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: