Foshan more than one year of high school students in the high school students in the face of the ear also asked cool upset – the text of the Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xian, Chen Xinyu and see the campus violence. On Saturday afternoon, Foshan village high school a high school student gathered five or six students in the school at a high school student, slapped him two slap, and afterwards also advised the smoke. The whole process was captured video. The school said that the students have both fight back to school, the school will be dealt with according to the relevant provisions. In recent years, campus violence. According to incomplete statistics, from 2008, Foshan’s first video of student violence so far, Foshan has at least 13 such violent video on the internet. And these events, all occurred outside the school. According to a survey, 85.5% of the campus violence occurred mostly after school, and the implementation of violent students, many have dropped out of the background. So, what should we do in the face of school violence? Video: a slap in the face of the students also asked cool upset on Saturday afternoon, the two paragraph of small video out of the circle of friends from WeChat, immediately sparked heated debate. Reporters from the video to see, in a small alley corner, wearing a uniform of the students sitting on the ground, five or six students (three or four of them like to wear uniforms) young people surrounded him. At this moment, a scene of consternation. A teenager wearing the same uniforms, squatting on the student side, raised his left hand, "pa" made the students a slap in the face, let you see cool "! Great ah?" In another video, smoke a cigarette, a photo!" One of the students to take out a lighter, lighter, others a playful laughter. The reporter then learned from the parents who were beaten, batterer and were the same as the village high school, the former reading high school, the latter read a high. Hit the cause, because the high school students and people when the dispute, the students were just hit the scene onlookers, after being recognized." The parents said that the students also let the students were beaten to say the other onlookers of the high school students, and threatened to teach them". School: school students gathered five or six students slapped a high school student reporter Luo village high school is in charge of the interview, the incident of moral education vice president yao. He said that the day after the incident, they were informed of the situation. After the incident, the school first time to find the relevant students and parents, to understand the matter, and promptly appease the students and parents were beaten." According to reports, in November 19th, after school in the vicinity of the campus with students is the main cause of the conflict, last week sophomore student surnamed Li and one surnamed Fang students eat in the dining hall due to competition for the seat altercation, Saturday school sophomore student surnamed Li mustered five or six students stopped High Students in the school party name, fight each other two bar after Zhang to persuade the other side to smoke, and say things so far. The school said that the two sides entangled for a while, there is no conflict, no students were injured in the incident, the whole process has a classmate photographed the video. At present, both sides have to fight back to school, the school will be dealt with according to the relevant provisions. We will further strengthen the campus thinking.相关的主题文章: