Moutai, Wuliangye and other high-end liquor reproduction price model   industry winter has passed? Moutai 53 degrees Feitian wine bottle price – Finance – Jingdong sales exceeded 1000 yuan. Beijing, Beijing, September (Xinhua) Qiu Yu (9) after 3 years of winter liquor industry has finally signs of recovery. Recently, Wuliangye’s core single product ex factory price hit a new high of nearly 3 years, dealers are using one day a price to describe the rise in retail prices in Moutai. The reporter found out, warming industry background, to achieve significant growth of liquor listed companies in the first half performance. Insiders said that the future of high-end liquor will grow steadily, but a few years ago, crazy expansion is difficult to reproduce. The phenomenon of high-end liquor prices opened in Moutai, Wuliangye driven, high-end liquor opened the price model. Beijing City, a high-grade cigarette and liquor vendor 53 degrees flying Moutai liquor retail price of 1180 yuan per bottle, compared with the previous month, up 100 yuan; 52 degrees Wuliangye crystal bottle (commonly known as "Five") to 780 yuan per bottle, up to tens of dollars. The terminal price the Yanghe River, Jiannanchun wine enterprises etc. the core of a single product have different degrees of improvement. The reporters found that in the Jingdong, Tmall and a number of stores, Moutai 53 degrees Feitian wine bottle retail price also stand on the thousand yuan price. "Moutai one day a price, after the mid autumn festival may also rose", a Beijing Moutai dealer said, "at the beginning of August, Moutai 53 degrees Feitian wine group purchase price is 880 yuan a bottle, has now risen to 980 yuan." For price adjustment, in August 30th, Wuliangye announced in the official website, said the core product Pu five factory price adjustment of $739 bottle. This is the second time this year, Wuliangye price adjustment, but also in the past three years, the top five of the highest ex factory price. Moutai is in the official website issued a statement that "ex factory price has remained unchanged, Moutai liquor price belongs to" natural recovery ", the price that does not exist. August 30th, Wuliangye announced on the official website, announced the adjustment of 52 degrees Wuliangye ex factory price. The reason behind the increase in demand for high-end wine consumers buy high-end liquor prices behind the changes in supply and demand. Some high-end liquor supply. Beijing City, a Moutai dealer said, limited production, manufacturers dealers delivery quantity, now 15 year Moutai wine has been out of stock. On the supply side, Huarong securities in a research report that manufacturers control the amount insured "policy. The report points out that in the analysis of Moutai wine prices, the market is currently out of stock obviously, most dealers exceeded the sales plan, once executed before the contract signed with the manufacturers, to getting goods from the factory is very difficult, the market sentiment significantly. From the demand perspective, the main reason is the upgrading of consumption, wine expert Sun Yanyuan said, in recent years, personal and business consumption gradually replace public consumption, become the main driving force of the demand for high-end liquor. He said that the rise of the middle class to promote the entire high-end liquor industry slowly return to growth. More and more high-end consumer groups, consumers pay more attention to brand, quality, wine also相关的主题文章: