My clothes are wet heart warm Ningbo volunteer community hit eight party rush to the rescue at noon yesterday, Ningbo Haishu District Simon Street scientz community party volunteers pushed to rubber boats, elderly people living alone and people with disabilities to send free delicious lunch. The typhoon "Meranti" periphery nephsystem influence, yesterday morning, Yongcheng torrential rains and the city of Haishu, Jiangdong and many other old district flooded. The rain came, eight party volunteers dispatched to the disaster community, to participate in the rescue work, transfer line. Heavy rain, sweat, so that their clothes are wet, but everyone’s heart is warm. Reporter correspondent Teng Hua Mao Yibo Zhang Li Dong Song Wenlei: Dawn of community volunteers with Jianya 40 pounds of moon cake came to everyone in the period of rainstorm and typhoon, need help please contact me: Yinzhou Wanda near 139× × × × × × × & times; 130×, Jiangbei near Wanda × ×; × × × × ×. Welcome to forward." This is a public welfare organization, the South China Sea rescue team member Chen Zhaohua yesterday at 1 in the circle of friends in a WeChat. Soon, about 9:30 in the morning, he received a "business" — Dongsheng Street Community dawn Jiangdong District because of water is serious, requests for reinforcements. Too late to change their clothes, carrying 40 pounds of moon cake in the office, Chen Zhaohua drove all the way from the Yinzhou city garden to dawn community. And community leaders after the successful meeting, they came to the worst hit three villages, the village of the four. Here the water has Jixi, 50 cm high, the first floor of the households, almost home into the water. Heavy rain is still under, can not let the residents of the home water." Chen Zhaohua found several empty bags from the corridor, in the flooded garden excavated soil, made several "sandbag", firmly stuck in a building entrance…… The horse park near the site of the neighboring community: Volunteers yesterday, rain once again let the Horse Park community has become a world of waters around, but the volunteers, let residents heart at ease a lot. Early in the morning, China Railway Bureau of Ningbo rail transit line 4 TJ4005 Standard Project Manager Department of the volunteers came to the Horse Park community 20. At the scene, volunteers to help the Horse Park community water more serious areas of the temporary bridge to facilitate the convenience of residents in and out. At the same time, also help to live in low-lying, easy to water on the first floor of the residents of the safe transfer. In the process of helping residents transfer, many aunts and uncles are worried about their water appliances will be scrapped, volunteers will help everyone without demur, so we moved to high electric refrigerator. Close to 10 points, rail transit maintenance engineering company of volunteers and drove the car came to the horse Yuanqiang strong platoon platoon. Lang official Community: "live group" let the residents warm heart "thank you, emergency transfer of my mother". Haishu South Gate Street Lang Guanxi Lane 48, a resident said thanks to the volunteers came to help. Community。相关的主题文章: