Nanjing put 6 pieces of comprehensive marine museum will present Jiangxinzhou Southern News Network (reporter       check Jinzhong) in order to further increase the supply of land, stable land market expectations, promote the healthy and stable development of the land market, yesterday, the Bureau issued 2016 No. fifth land transactions online public sale announcement, launched a total of 6 plots of the total land area of 83.06 hectares, transfer the total price of 11 billion 690 million yuan starting. Among them, Jiangxinzhou a land area of 426 thousand square meters of the "Big Mac" is the most dramatic, in accordance with the transfer notice, it will be built with a large venue and a comprehensive marine museum venues and a large hotel. Yesterday’s announcement, block G84 east ring Island Road riverbank, Road West to the center (Planning), South to the South Loop (Planning), three North Road to culture (Planning), planning for the two types of residential land, commercial mixed land, grassroots community land, entertainment center sports land. The actual selling area of 426439.38 square meters, the comprehensive volume rate of 1.27, the starting price of 7 billion 770 million yuan, the ceiling price of 16 billion yuan, equivalent to Qipai floor price of 14347 yuan square meters, the highest limit floor price of 29543 yuan square meters. The site is divided into several sub plots, B plots in the hotel on the ground floor area ratio of not less than 50% of the total construction area, the hotel must hold overall, shall not sell or transfer; commercial floor area ratio of not less than 10% of the total construction area, the rest of the office. The D block should be equipped with a grass-roots community center, including community health service station, home care service station, cultural activity room, sports activity station, grass-roots community service center, community police room, etc.. The houses built on the G block shall be held as a whole and shall not be sold or transferred. The proportion of the floor area allocated to the construction of commercial buildings is not higher than 10% of the total construction area. The G block needs to build a large performance venue and a comprehensive marine museum, and the recreation and recreation project must start before the residential project. The announcement also specifically indicates that the parcel does not accept joint bidding. The business scope of bidder or its wholly owned subsidiary shall include tourism industry investment, cultural performing arts, theme amusement park service, etc.. G85 is a hotel land, located in Qixia District Haizi mouth, the actual selling area of 34 thousand square meters, the starting price of 110 million yuan. G86 is located in the south of Longteng Road, Liuhe district. It is the two type of residential land. The actual transfer area is 96588.88 square meters. The floor price is 5177 yuan, and the floor price is 9977 yuan per square meter. G87 is Pukou District Taishan street Taishan West Road and left East Road angle of the block, the actual selling area of 44783.85 square meters, Qipai floor price of 10150 yuan square meters, the highest limit floor price of 19183 yuan square meters. G88 is located in the West District of Liuhe Tong Ge metro area, the actual land area of 78889.05 square meters, the starting floor price of 5188 yuan per square meter, the highest floor price of 9964 yuan per square meter limit. The last block G89 is located in Jiangning district. 南京再挂6幅地 综合性海洋馆将现江心洲   南报网讯 (记者 查金忠) 为进一步加大土地供应、稳定土地市场预期、促进土地市场健康平稳发展,昨天,市国土局发布2016第5号土地网上交易公开出让公告,共推出6幅地块,总用地面积83.06公顷,出让起始总价116.9亿元。其中,江心洲一幅出让面积42.6万平方米的“巨无霸”最为引人注目,按照出让公告,它将配建一处大型演出场馆和一处综合性海洋馆场馆和大型酒店。   昨天发布的公告中,江心洲地块G84东至环洲路,西至中心大道(规划),南至南环路(规划),北至文化三路(规划),规划用地性质为二类居住用地、商办混合用地、基层社区中心用地、娱乐康体用地。实际出让面积426439.38平方米,综合容积率1.27,起始价77.7亿元,最高限价160亿元,折合起拍楼面价14347元 平方米,最高限制楼面价29543元 平方米。   这幅地又分为几个子地块,B地块中旅馆的地上建筑面积比例不低于总建筑面积的50%,所建旅馆须整体持有,不得销售或转让;商业的地上建筑面积比例不低于总建筑面积的10%,其余为办公。D地块内应配置一处基层社区中心,具体包括社区卫生服务站、居家养老服务站、文化活动室、体育活动站、基层社区服务中心、社区警务室等。G地块所建房屋须整体持有,不得销售、不得转让,配建商业的地上建筑面积比例不高于总建筑面积的10%。G地块须建设一处大型演出场馆、一处综合性海洋馆场馆,娱乐康体项目须先于住宅工程开工。公告还特别标明,该地块不接受联合竞买。竞买人或其全资子公司的经营范围须包含旅游产业投资、文化演艺、主题游乐园服务等。   G85是一幅旅馆用地,位于栖霞区海子口,实际出让面积3.4万平方米,起始价1.1亿元。   G86位于六合区龙池街道龙腾路之南,为二类居住用地,实际出让面积96588.88平方米,换算起拍楼面价为5177元 平方米,最高限制楼面价9977元 平方米。   G87是浦口区泰山街道泰山西路与左所东路夹角地块,实际出让面积44783.85平方米,起拍楼面价10150元 平方米,最高限制楼面价19183元 平方米。   G88位于六合区葛塘新城西片区,实际出让面积78889.05平方米,起拍楼面价5188元 平方米,最高限制楼面价9964元 平方米。   最后一幅地块G89位于江宁区,实际出让面积15539.28平方米,起拍楼面价16692元 平方米,最高限制楼面价27149元 平方米。相关的主题文章: