Nanjing, the purchase order issued: the new subscription amount increased sharply after the cliff fall 28, as of twelve at noon, Nanjing online real estate data show that the new premises for 88 sets, 107 sets of transactions. This is a 18 month low. Nanjing purchase the order issued, in order to deal with the "race", September 25th, Nanjing houses subscription volume increased dramatically in just a few hours. Two days later, two presents the cliff style decline phenomenon. 25 days following the introduction of restriction policy, 26 on the evening of 7, Nanjing municipal government issued "on the further strengthening of the real estate market supervision and management advice" (hereinafter referred to as "Ning thirteen"), the introduction of 13 measures in the real estate market regulation, to crack down on alleged acts or participate in speculative housing, property hoarding etc. in order to stabilize prices. Data show that in September 25th, Nanjing for a total of 1570 sets of new homes, 1604 sets of transactions, a record high. In September 26th, Nanjing houses subscription amount to 188 sets, 601 sets of transactions; yesterday in September 27th, the new premises for 394 sets, 255 sets of transactions. The day before yesterday and the total volume of only half of September 25th, can be said that the property market recovered steadily. Insiders said, in a short period of time, the Nanjing property market may be a "panic deal" phenomenon, but the follow-up with the apparent effect of the policy, the future volume will become stable, there may be a slight decline in the situation, "" purchase order "will block a part of purchasing power." As the "Nanjing Real Estate Limited first new housing purchase order after 27 PM, Nanjing Jiangbei Real Estate Binjiang agile international trading launched 190 suites, according to statistics, a total of 190 suites with 477 groups of individuals who rob, an average of 2.5 people robbed 1 suites, with the previous election probability than frequently close to 10:1, significantly lower a. This time Nanjing launched the purchase of "Ning thirteen" and "combined", the industry generally believe that this is for the current high prices, high price "deterrence".

南京限购令出台:新房认购量陡增后断崖式下跌   28日,截止至中午十二点,南京网上房地产的数据显示,当日新房认购88套,成交107套。这成为18个月以来的一个低点。   南京“限购令”出台的当晚,为了与新政“赛跑”,9月25日南京新房认购、成交量在短短几个小时内急剧增加。随后两天,双量呈现“断崖式”下跌现象。   继25日出台限购政策后,26日晚7点多,南京市政府出台《关于进一步加强房地产市场监督管理的意见》(下称“宁十三条”),出台13条措施监管房地产市场,严厉打击涉嫌或参与炒卖房号、捂盘惜售等行为,以期稳定房价。   数据显示,9月25日,南京共认购新房1570套,成交1604套,创历史新高。9月26日,南京的新房认购量降至188套,成交601套;昨天9月27日,新房认购394套,成交255套。昨天与前天的总成交量只有9月25日的一半,可以说楼市基本恢复平稳。   业内人士称,短时间内,目前南京楼市可能会出现“恐慌性成交”现象,但是后续随着政策效应的显现,未来成交量会趋于平稳,有可能会出现小幅下跌的情况,“‘限购令’会挡住一部分购买力。”   作为南京“限购令”后首家新推房源的楼盘,27日晚上,南京江北楼盘雅居乐滨江国际开盘推出190套房,据统计,共190套房有477组买房人抢,平均2.5人抢1套房,跟先前动辄接近10:1的选房概率相比,明显低了一截。   此番南京推出限购与“宁十三条”“组合拳”,业内人士普遍认为这是对于当前高房价、高地价的“威慑”。相关的主题文章: